1991-S Proof American Silver Eagle (OGP)


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Design of the 1991-S Proof Silver Eagle

This the 1991-S Proof Silver Eagle features what has been for decades and continues to be today the world’s most recognizable coin design. The obverse features an adaptation of Adolph Weinman’s original 1916 design. In the foreground, Liberty strides forward with her right leg. She holds her right arm extended in front of her with a bent elbow and open hand. Her left arm cups a long olive branch, which she holds in her hand. The proof design brings out the vertical stripes on her garb, as well as the pattern of her sandals. In the distance, the sun, slightly obstructed, appears on the horizon with its rays emanating upward. In the middle of the coin at the bottom, the year of mintage, “1991,” is inscribed. Ranging from the left, where the “L” is inscribed on top of one of the sun’s rays, to the right,“LIBERTY,” is inscribed in large lettering. Between the “Y” and Liberty’s left leg are the words, “IN GOD WE TRUST,” America’s national motto.

The rim of the reverse features two inscriptions. At the top, the country whose coinage this is is identified with the inscription, “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.” Around the rim at the bottom, there is essential information about the coin, including its metal content and face value, which are inscribed as, “1 OZ. FINE SILVER~ONE DOLLAR.” At the top of the image, the original thirteen colonies are represented by a downward pointing triangle of thirteen stars. The triangle points to the head of an eagle that is reminiscent of the one on the Great Seal of the United States. The eagle holds a ribbon in its mouth. The portion of the ribbon extending to the coin’s left reads, “E PLURIBUS,” while the portion off to the right says, “UNUM,” together comprising the motto from the Great Seal. The eagle guards a shield, which represents the United States. In its talons, it holds a symbol of peace, the olive branch, and arrows, an indication that America will, when forced to do so, fight for its values. Under the olive branch, there is an “S,” a mint mark that indicates that the coin was struck in San Francisco. Under the talon on the opposite side, the initials “JM” serve as a reference to John Mercanti, who first created the design on the reverse in 1986.

Why add the 1991-S Proof Silver Eagle to your collection?

This 1991-S Proof Silver Eagle Proof Silver Eagle makes a beautiful addition to any coin collection. The proof finish brings out every detail in the design of this iconic coin. This coin comes in the original mint packaging, which provides a beautiful way to display the coin. There were 511,924 1991-S Proof Silver Eagles minted. The coin has a reeded edge and a diameter of 40.6 mm, a size that makes it easy for most viewers to examine the details of the coin and appreciate them all the more given the proof finish. The coin’s actual silver weight is 31.07 g, and it has a fineness of .999.

Additional information


The United States Mint



Country of Manufacture

United States



Edge Design


Metal Type


Mint Mark

San Francisco

Obverse Design

Walking Liberty

Obverse Designer

Adolph A. Weinman

Packaging Type

Original Government Packaging

Reverse Design

Heraldic Eagle

Reverse Designer

John M. Mercanti



Strike Type











American Eagle





Metal Content

1 oz

Metal Purity


Precious Metal Form


Issuing Country

United States