1 oz. gold bullion bars are a very popular and convenient way to purchase gold. Some buyers prefer to purchase bullion gold coins because it suits their particular interest in coins, but if your main goal is to accumulate gold bullion at the lowest premium over gold content value, bars are generally your best option.

These gold bars are either struck or poured during their production, and they offer the owner a great way to obtain physical gold in a form that is easily stored or transported and in many cases is eligible for inclusion in precious metal Individual Retirement Accounts. Always check with your financial adviser or accountant regarding those accounts if you are considering opening one. MCM offers 1 oz. gold bars from most of the world’s leading gold producers such as the Perth Mint, the Royal Canadian MintPAMP SuisseCredit Suisse, and many others. Each of these mints or gold producers is well-known for their exceptionally high-quality products and has a long track record. Their bars are instantly recognized by gold buyers all over the world.

1 oz. gold bars are the most popular and frequently traded size of gold bar in part because spot gold prices are always quoted in oz. If you own a 1 oz. gold bar, there is no need for complicated formulas to determine the exact value of your bar as you can simply look up the current spot price of gold. All of these 1 oz. gold bars are stamped with their exact weight and gold purity, which is generally .999 or finer, as well as the name of the mint or company that made them. And in most cases they are sealed in plastic to protect the bar and also come with an assay certificate that includes a unique serial number and the assayer’s signature. Assay certificates give the buyer even higher confidence in the authenticity of the product they are purchasing.

Some of our popular products in this category include: PAMP Suisse’s standard 1 oz. gold bar and its more artistic bars such as the Statue of Liberty, Fortuna design, and Lunar animal bars, which are also collected for their unique designs; and 1 oz. gold bars from the Perth Mint and Credit Suisse. These products include quantity discounts for larger purchases and always come with free shipping.