Even some of the most diehard collectors of American coins make room in their collections for British silver coins. And it’s easy to understand why. While the oldest U.S. coin designs span a century or two, the most venerable British coin designs trace their roots back over a thousand years or more. In fact, one of Britain’s most symbolic figures, Britannia, first appeared on a coin in 119 AD!

As Great Britain has yet to adopt the Euro, the country’s basic legal tender currency unit is the Pound, or Pound Sterling, much like U.S. currency is based on the dollar. The symbol for which is written as £. It is sometimes shown as GB£, or GBP. Since the Great Decimalization of 1971, each pound is subsequently divided into pence or pennies; there are 100 pence per pound. The eight circulating coin denominations are the £2, £1, 50 pence (p), 20p, 10p, 5p, 2p and 1 penny – and Britain’s collectible silver coins share these values.

The British Royal Mint is the official Mint of the United Kingdom and one of the most technically advanced minting facilities in the world.  Using highly skilled artisans, the Mint is legendary for the unsurpassed craftsmanship of its proof coins and medallions. The history of the British Royal Mint itself spans more than 1000 unbroken years.  Sir Isaac Newton held the esteemed post of Mint Master from 1699 to 1727, using his scientific genius to crack down on counterfeiters and maintain the purity of precious metals.

Originally established at the famous Tower of London, the Mint moved into specially built premises at nearby Tower Hill, and finally relocated to its current modern coining plant in South Wales. The Royal Mint continues as a department of government today, and while it’s primary responsibility remains producing circulating UK coinage, it also Mints a wide range of exceptional silver numismatic coins celebrating the history and culture of  Great Britain. The Mint also strikes coinage for than 50 other countries.

Other British coins such as the Silver Angel and Silver Noble are also available from the Pobjoy Mint on the Isle of Man.  Europe’s largest, oldest, and most prestigious private Mint has an unbroken tradition of crafting precious metals into works of art for over 350 years and is well known for the quality of the legal tender and special commemorative silver coins it strikes on behalf of national treasuries all around the world. Pobjoy’s constant search for innovation and perfection has earned the acclaim of the entire numismatic world, earning the Mint virtually every top international award for excellence and innovation – including 14 Coin of the Year awards since 1984.

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