In addition to its most famous gold coin, the Gold Sovereign, Britain’s Royal Mint strikes a number of other coins in precious gold. The most wellnown is the Gold Britannia, struck from 1987 to the present in both Proof and Uncirculated versions. Over the years, the Mint has struck many important commemoratives in gold. The 2012 Olympic Games Gold Commemoratives honor the games held in London during that year. Every year, the Mint strikes a series of commemorative coins in various metals, as well as reproduce these commemorative designs in an extremely limited edition Gold Proof set.

The Mint also strikes its regular definitive coins from 1 Pence through £2 Pounds in a special, annual gold proof set. In 2015, the Queen’s portrait on British coins changed for the fifth time during her sixty year reign. To celebrate this change, the Royal Mint issued a special definitive Double-Gold Proof set, containing all the coins bearing the fourth Queen Portrait combined with the new coins bearing the fifth portrait.

Other recent Royal Mint gold coins of note are the 2015 £5 Winston Churchill, the 2003 £5 50th Anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation, the 1990 £5 Queen Mother’s 90th Birthday, the 2011 £5 Royal Wedding, and the 2015 £5 Royal Baby Birth. The quality of gold coins struck at Britain’s Royal Mint is unsurpassed anywhere in the world. With over a thousand years of experience, the Royal Mint adds tradition and value to all that it produces.