MCM carries a wide range of silver coins from around the world in addition to those from the leading mints in the U.S., Canada, China, Great Britain, Australia, and Austria covered in their own sections on this web site. Silver coins from smaller mints include both bullion and collector coins from countries such as Niue, New Zealand, the Cook Islands, Tokelau, Palau, Burundi, Tuvalu, and others.  In most cases these coins are minted by another country’s mint or a private mint in another country under the legal authority of the country whose name appears on the coin.

These countries are well known for issuing an extensive range of silver commemoratives, or what is called non-circulating legal tender coins, on almost every imaginable topic. Whatever your interest or passion may be, it is likely there is a coin or series devoted to that theme. In addition, these coins are typically issued in very small numbers, adding to their appeal as collectibles, and they are struck to the highest quality standards.  They also employ an amazing range of innovative techniques, such as the use of color, glad plating, various types of inserts and inlays made of stones or other materials, holograms, high or ultra-high relief striking, and many others.

These silver coins are collected both in their original government packaging and certified by a leading coin grading company such as PCGS or NGC.  The modern world coin market has expanded dramatically in recent years, and as that has happened, the market for certified examples of these coins has grown too.

Some of the most popular recent world silver coins and series include: the Tuvalu Star Trek series, which commemorates the 50th anniversary of the start of the original television series in 1966 with a series of colorized coins that depict the captains of the various starships from the original and subsequent television series as well as their spaceships; various superhero coin series such as the Niue Avengers series or the Darth Vader coin from the same country; the Tuvalu series designed by MCM artist Chuck Daughtrey on the designers of American coins; the extensive range of Chinese Lunar calendar-themed coins such as Niue’s impressive 5 oz silver with gold plating coins; and many others.

Whatever kind of modern world silver coin you may be looking for, MCM is your best source for quality products at the best price with free shipping and world-class customer service.