The South African Mint strikes all of the coins issued by South Africa. This Mint is associated with their national bank as well as the Rand Refinery. Today, all of the bullion that is sent to the South African Mint to be struck into coins comes from the Rand Refinery. Neither of these facilities are new to the coin and bullion world, the South African Mint was founded in the 1890s and the Rand Refinery came about in 1920. Both of them are quite trusted in markets all around the globe. The Rand Refinery is actually the largest refining complex in the world today.

The South African Mint is among the most notable Mints in the world today. Their coins are high quality and can stand next to any other pieces on the market. Coins from this Mint are an excellent choice if you’re looking for something from another nation and you want a high quality specimen, especially if historical themes are appealing to you.