Prestige Proof Sets are unique compared to other Proof and Mint Sets. The first Prestige proof set was released by the United States Mint in 1983. Originally these sets were priced much higher than the standard proof sets of the same year. Initially they were quite popular, but the popularity didn’t last long and the final Prestige proof set was issued in 1997. Completing a full set of Prestige proof sets is challenging, the last few issues are considerably rare and valuable.

The main difference between a Prestige proof set and a regular proof set is that the Prestige set contains 6 or 7 coins. This includes the 5 coins that are found in the regular proof set as well as a commemorative dollar and sometimes a commemorative half dollar. The contents of each 7 piece set are 1 commemorative dollar, 1 commemorative half dollar, 1 Kennedy half dollar, 1 Washington quarter, 1 Roosevelt dime, 1 Jefferson nickel, and 1 Lincoln cent. The 6 piece sets are the same except for the commemorative half dollar.

Prestige proof sets also come in an excellent presentation case. The display can be opened like a book. The set can be displayed this way and the certificate of authenticity can be seen from here as well. Prestige proof sets are one of the best options of all proof and mint sets for collectors of any level. With our constantly changing inventory of mint and proof sets, you can be sure that MCM has something that’s right for your collection.