Chibi coins are relatively “new” in the world of coin collecting, with a fun pop culture spin that make them highly sought after for collectors who wish to indulge their fandoms. From Batman to Frodo, Chibi coins are growing in popularity with more added on a steady basis. Learn more about what makes a Chibi coin and what is currently available.

What Are Chibi Coins?

Chibi is Japanese slang to describe something that is “short” or “diminutive”, usually referring to a person. In popular culture, however, the term is widely used to describe a specific style of caricature where characters are drawn in an exaggerated way, that being: small, chubby, and with stubby limbs and an oversized head.

Chibi coins are just that: 1-ounce coins that are 99.9% fine silver and are shaped like small, animated caricatures from pop culture properties and genres. Innovated and imagined by the New Zealand Mint, the Batman Chibi Coin was the first in their DC Comics Chibi Collection. They soon created a Harry Potter series, followed by a Star Wars series, and as of February 2021, Lord of the Rings is the latest property to receive its own collection series, with even more to come.

When purchasing a Chibi Proof Coin, the New Zealand Mint didn’t scrimp. At nearly $100 per coin, each coin comes in original mint packaging that consists of a retail-friendly graphic display box, and every coin is numbered as part of its own collection, rather than as a unified Chibi series. With a plan to issue four new coins per month in 2021, the New Zealand Mint continues to tease silhouettes of the upcoming issues.