Mint Sets, or U.S. Mint uncirculated coin sets, are one of the most popular annual products from the Mint. The first Mint set was released in 1947 and they’ve been popular since. There are a number of reasons for their popularity, one of which is the price. Mint sets are very affordable. This makes them a great choice to add to your collection regardless of how long you’ve been collecting. Mint sets are one of the most affordable ways to add multiple coins to your collection quickly. Another advantage of Mint sets is that they offer an easy way to own a brilliant uncirculated version of each coin produced for circulation that year. They’re even already protected by the original packaging for you.

One of the most distinct features of current U.S. Mint sets is the fact that each set actually contains 2 sets of coins. Each modern U.S. Mint uncirculated set contains 1 set of coins from the Philadelphia Mint and 1 set from the Denver Mint. Some older Mint sets contain a single set of coins, such as the Special Mint Sets of 1965-1967.

Practically any Mint set is a great choice for your collection. There are plenty of Proof and Mint Sets to choose from here at MCM and we do our best to make sure you have the best selection possible. Proof and Mint sets are a key component of many collections and MCM works diligently to source the sets you want.