Casa de Moneda de Mexico has the distinction of being the oldest Mint in the Americas. The Spanish Crown issued a decree that a Mint be established, so viceroy Antonio de Mendoza established the original facility in 1535. The Mexican Mint has a rich history that is virtually unparalleled by any other world Mint. In fact, its silver 8 reales coins and their successors, the silver peso, were so widely circulated throughout Asia and the Americas during the 19th century that they formed the foundation of several of the world’s most important currencies. These include but are not limited to the Chinese yuan, the Japanese yen, and even the U.S. dollar. While the Mint spent most of its time rooted in Mexico City, it has operated exclusively in the State of San Luis Potosi since 1983.

The long and important history of the Mexican Mint continues today, and each piece from it, including modern ones, shares in that history. Be it one of the historic coins that formed the basis for modern currencies or its stunning current bullion series, a coin from the Mexican Mint should be a part of every collection. Peruse our selection today to see how you would like to be a part of this proud tradition.