Obtaining gold coins is a rewarding and exciting experience that offers many different ways of assembling this beautiful and valuable metal. The U.S. Gold Coin heritage is one of the most interesting chapters in America’s proud numismatic history. The United States has been striking gold coins for over 200 years! Manufacturing coins fueled the commerce and trade that built America, giving us some of our most coveted numismatic treasures in the process.

Stackers of U.S. gold coins often strive to obtain one type of every gold coin issue, while the bolder numismatist might quest to secure one of every coin minted in a particular series. Popular U.S. coin series include American Gold Eagles (the most desired gold coin in the world), American Gold Buffalos (America’s first .9999 fine gold coin), Modern Commemorative Gold Coins (honoring aspects of American history) and First Spouse Gold (featuring the First Ladies U.S. Presidents). Pre-1933 Classic Gold Coins often have rich and fascinating histories, serving as monuments that tell the stories of America’s past.

American gold coins are frequently assembled based on grade, with the highest grade awarded to perfect condition coins as assessed by independent grading services such as Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) or Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). Whatever your gold numismatic preferences, MCM offers low pricing, a large selection of gold coins and free shipping within the United States.