Opened in 1899 in response to the discovery of gold deposits in Coolgardie and Kalgoorlie, the Perth Mint was the third Australian branch of The Royal Mint. The other two facilities have since closed, giving this Mint a unique link to its country’s past. The Perth Mint stands today as one of the world’s most respected producers of precious metals coins. The Mint’s rich history includes the production of gold that was nearly six nines (999.999) fine , which remains an exceptional standard in the industry over sixty years later. Britain retained jurisdiction over the Mint until 1970, when it was transferred to the Government of Western Australia. The manufacturer’s modern era began in 1987, when it was tasked with creating gold, silver, and platinum Australian legal tender. Today, the Mint also produces a variety of proof quality coins.

Coins struck at the Perth Mint bear a “P” Mint mark that collectors throughout the world have come to associate with outstanding quality and stunning beauty. Even outside of Australia, collectors eagerly anticipate new releases from this Mint and anxiously await the opportunity to hold those coins in their hands. Take a look through the options that we have to offer from this icon of modern minting.