PAMP precious metals products are among the most sought after privately struck bars and ingots in the industry. They are known not only for their beauty and convenience, but also their security, which includes the incorporation of holographic features to prevent counterfeiting. Whether you are looking for a glistening showcase piece or convenient gift items, you will find just what you need from our PAMP products.

Founded in 1977, PAMP (Produits Arrtistiques Metaux Precieux) took less than four decades to become a global leader in numismatics. It is situated in Ticino, Switzerland, a country that is famous for its wealth and banking. The mint offers gold, silver, and platinum coins, rounds, and bars, including customized products for banks, financial institutions, state mints, and governments. One of the things that sets PAMP apart from most others is its .9999 standard for gold purity. Few government Mints purify gold to that standard.