In 1993, the world was going crazy for silver coins. The China Silver Panda was marking its first decade, while the U.S. Silver Eagle Coin was just entering its 7th year. Australia was one of the world’s top five producers of silver, so collectors were eager to collect silver coins from “Down Under”.

Just like the China Panda and U.S. Eagle, the Australian Kangaroo was the perfect symbol for an exciting new silver coin series the Australian government announced that year. The mintage for the first-year Kangaroo Silver Dollar was set at a maximum mintage of 150,000 coins – and Australia’s Silver Kangaroo hasn’t looked back since. Over the last twenty-plus years, more than a million legal tender Kangaroo Silver Dollars have been pocketed by collectors all around the world. Their massive diameter, pure silver heft and one-year-only designs have made them incredibly popular and highly sought after.

The High Relief Silver Kangaroo first appeared in 2010 and is at least DOUBLE the heft of an ordinary coin – a full 6 mm thick! Very few coins in the world are struck as double-thick high relief proofs. It requires the use of tons of pressure in striking – and sometimes multiple strikes to attain the desired effect. No wonder they’re considered any mint’s “master works”… the best of the best! Inspired by one of Australia’s most beloved and iconic animals and struck from one oz. of 99.9% pure silver, each coin is created from an extra thick blank to accommodate the superbly detailed high relief one-year-only design of a kangaroo against a background of Aussie sunshine. As with all Australian coins, the current effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse.

The High Relief Silver Kangaroo is a testament to the Perth Mint’s industry-leading craftsmanship. Each coin displays absolute top quality, distinguished by a striking contrast between the mirrored background and the delicate raised frosted design. Minted under the authority of Australian Government and the Australian Currency Act,  all Silver Kangaroos are official legal tender – and their worldwide popularity was further confirmed when the Kangaroo Silver Dollar was nominated for the prestigious “Coin of the Year” award in 2009.