While the American Silver Eagle and American Gold Eagle began production in 1986, the first American Platinum Eagle was not issued until 1997. Just like its gold and silver counterparts, the Platinum Eagle is issued by the United States Mint. As a U.S. Mint bullion coin, the weight and purity of each are backed by the United States government. All American Platinum Eagles are made of .9995 fine platinum. This coin is the only platinum bullion coin produced by the U.S. Mint. The bullion issue also happens to be IRA eligible.

Since the reverse design of the 1 oz. Platinum Eagle changes so frequently, the design of this series is an interesting subject. As mentioned, the bullion issue still displays the original reverse design. The obverse or front of the coin was designed by John Mercanti. John Mercanti is also known for designing the reverse of the Silver Eagle. The front of this series shows the Statue of Liberty. The view of this design offers a unique perspective, as if one were the same size and looking directly ahead, or with a close view from a helicopter. The date can be found on this side of the coin also. While the reverse of the collectible issues is always different, the weight, purity, and denomination are shown here. The classic Platinum Eagle reverse shows a bald eagle soaring through the sky with the sun and its rays just behind it. All of the designs used for the Platinum Eagle are highly detailed and do an excellent job of demonstrating the level of quality that we’ve come to expect from U.S. Mint coins.

Whether you’re collecting proof and burnished issues or stacking bullion coins, the American Platinum Eagle offers plenty of options to suit any budget or goal.