One of the most convenient ways to own gold is in the form of Gold Bullion. Over the centuries, Gold Bullion has been prized for its concentrated value, ease of storage, and ability to be transported. In addition, gold bullion of certified weight and purity is a fungible commodity. That means it’s able to replace or be replaced by another identical item. Gold Bullion is therefore mutually interchangeable. This is not the case with Gold Coins. Even with Bullion Coins, no two coins are exactly the same, and perfect-graded bullion coins have become highly sought after by collectors. Gold Bullion exists as Gold Bars (also known as ingots) and Gold Rounds (both plain and commemorative) of various sizes. Gold Rounds are usually struck like a coin in One Troy Ounce size, although smaller and larger sizes exist. Gold Bars are either poured or stamped, and most gold weight issues larger than an ounce, which are not coins, are issued as bars. The most well respected gold bullion is that issued by Johnson Matthey, PAMP Suisse, Credit Suisse, Valcambi, Sunshine Minting, The Perth Mint, Engelhard and of course, Modern Coin Mart.

All gold bullion whether round or as bars has a few things in common. They have their gold weight, their gold purity and their manufacturer or issuer clearly shown on the bars or rounds. Gold bullion without guarantees of weight and purity should be avoided. In the past, Gold Bullion bars were rarely of a standard size. Bars like those shipped from the New World to Spain during the age of the Conquistadors, or from San Francisco during the Gold Rush were virtually all unique in size, weight and gold purity. Because of their unique history, these earlier gold bars are highly collectible and can sell for many multiples of their actual gold value. In the modern era, Gold bullion bars are standardized. They are generally issued in sizes of One Troy Ounce up to Several Kilos of gold. Most modern Gold Bullion Bars are refined to a .999 fine gold purity, but some are .9999 “Four Nines” pure gold.

The British firm Johnson Matthey has been in business since the early 19th Century. They are one of the most reliable and respected gold bar producers in the world. PAMP Suisse, as the name implies, is located in Switzerland. Over the years one of their specialties has been providing artists with gold for their creations. PAMP now strikes a wide variety of standard bullion bars, but they also issue Gold Bars with artistic designs, such as their series of Lunar animal bars. Credit Suisse and Valcambi are also located in Switzerland, and as we all know, nothing says security like Swiss Gold. The products of these two firms have “Solid Gold” reputations around the world. Sunshine Minting is an American mining and minting company and Engelhard was founded in the U.S and later purchased by German firm BASF. Both companies produce highly respected and sought after products. The Perth Mint in Australian has been refining gold since 1892. Its products are also highly respected and accepted around the world, as are our own MCM Gold Bars And Rounds.

Some Gold Bars and many Gold Rounds offer collectors a unique opportunity to own gold in a wide variety of designs, from those simply stating and guaranteeing gold weight and purity to those featuring intricately engraved designs. These designed bars and rounds offer collectibility as well as gold value. For example, Lunar series PAMP Suisse bars also capture the interest of Lunar series coin collectors. It’s also possible to own gold bars in convenient one-gram sizes. Multiple individual bars are stamped into a gold ingot, producing the individual bars that can be separated for convenience. Throughout history, gold bullion has served as a store of value and protection against economic disasters. It’s no different today. With sizes from one gram up to several kilos, Gold Bullion is easily within reach of everyone. Remember, many of our items have quantity discounts for larger purchases and we have FREE domestic shipping on all items every day!