The United States Mint stopped producing silver coinage for circulation in the 1960s. While silver was no longer present in 1965 quarters and dimes, some remained in Kennedy half dollars for a few more years. When silver was removed from United States coins, demand for it grew which led to more than just the production of the American Silver Eagle. Proof sets have been available from the United States Mint since 1936, although they were much different then. Once silver was removed from circulating coins, it wasn’t until 1992 that the demand for silver became so great the first U.S. silver proof set was issued.

Silver proof sets are very popular among collectors, and why wouldn’t they be? A silver proof coin will look better than a proof clad coin any day. The extra eye appeal is an additional bonus to the increased inherent value of the silver. Today a variety of silver proof sets are available. Some of them are standard proof sets which contain silver dimes, quarters, and halves in addition to the standard proof coins. Others are produced as part of a specific series, like the America the Beautiful quarters silver proof set which contains a silver proof version of every design released that year.

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