While modern world coins offer plenty of options for collectors with any budget, vintage world coins, also known as classic coins, are popular because so many of them are reminders of certain eras or events. Vintage world coins offer an enticing combination of characteristics and many of them are quite affordable as well.

Just as certain U.S. coins are a clear link to the past, such as the Peace Dollar, so are many vintage world coins. Quite a number of countries around the world have had a monarchy at some point or another and the majority of them incorporated the reigning monarch into the design of their coins. This theme can be seen easily with vintage coins from Great Britain. One side always shows the monarch who was ruling when the coin was struck.

Many of us only remember countries like the United States and Great Britain when we think of nations that have struck coins that are interesting to collect. However, there are a variety of Mints around the world with long histories. For example, the Mexico City Mint is the oldest in North America. Several Mints throughout Europe are over 500 years old, such as those in Austria, France, and Germany. With such a wide variety of Mints striking so many different coins over hundreds of years, there really is something for everyone here.

Today, it is unusual to see a circulating coin with anything other than a clad composition. In the past, it was quite normal for coins in many countries to be made of precious metals. Some vintage world coins certainly have impressive collectible values, but others are purchased mainly for type or as bullion. Some coins that once circulated in other countries have low premiums and impressive bullion content. Vintage world coins can make an interesting addition to any stack or collection.

When it’s time to add something exotic to your collection or an interesting formerly circulating coin to your stack, you can be sure that MCM will have plenty of vintage world coins to choose from. With such a variety of coins from around the world, there’s sure to be something that fits your needs.