The Australian Gold Kangaroo, originating from the 1851 Gold Rush, stands as one of Australia’s most sought-after gold coins. Initially minted near Port Phillip, now Melbourne, these early coins featuring a standing Kangaroo are rare collectibles. In 1989, the Perth Mint began striking the modern Gold Kangaroo, showcasing a red Kangaroo bounding on the reverse and Queen Elizabeth II’s portrait on the obverse. Notably, the coin’s reverse design changes annually, making it a unique collectible alongside the Chinese Gold Panda. Available in various sizes ranging from half a gram to the impressive one ton release, all coins are minted legal tender face values in Australian Dollars. The Perth Mint’s contribution to the Australian Gold Kangaroo reflects a broader tradition of producing iconic coins like the Gold Nugget, Koala, and Lunar series, each embodying Australia’s rich fauna and culture while offering investors esteemed options in gold.