Canada’s first domestically produced coin was struck on January 2, 1908, at the Ottawa branch of Britain’s Royal Mint, created to deal with rapidly increasing gold production in the Yukon and British Columbia. In 1911, a refinery was opened to bring rough gold up to coinage standards. Throughout the Great War, the Mint produced the gold bars that Britain used to finance its war efforts.  The Royal Canadian Mint was born in 1931, when the entire enterprise officially passed to Canada.

Today The Royal Canadian Mint is known throughout the world as one of the most sophisticated minting operations, ranking along side the U.S. Mint, Australia’s Perth Mint and its close relative, The Royal Mint. Its incredibly advanced coin production technologies, as well as exceptional silver coins that are treasured for their purity, historic significance and craftsmanship. Canadian collector coins are struck meticulously, one by one in Ottawa – and many have received international numismatic awards. Canadian coin designs celebrate the nation’s famous people, places and history, as well as technological and athletic achievements and offer a wealth of pure silver choices for collectors, young and old.

As a Commonwealth country, Canadian coins have included the likeness of the reigning monarch since the Mint began production over a century ago – including Edward VII (1902-1910), George V (1911-1936) and George VI (1937-1952), and five different portraits of the current monarch, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II that were released in 1953, 1965, 1990, 2003 and 2015. The Mint also issued a special 50-cent Golden Jubilee circulation coin in 2002, replicating the Queen’s effigy that appeared on the 1953 Canadian Coronation Medallion.

While the obverse of all silver Canadian coins may be similar from year to year, the same can’t be said for the reverse. Whether it features a detailed image of native wildlife or a colorized pop culture hero, The Royal Canadian Mint offers a wide range of distinctive designs – including stand-out shapes and special packaging. While ideas for these designs may come from contests, research or suggestions from Canadian citizens, the Government of Canada has the final say. The Royal Canadian Mint will then work with well-known Canadian artists or its own staff of talented designers and engravers to create new silver coin series that international collectors have made some of the most popular in the world!

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