When you’re looking for more world silver coins, sometimes a silver coin from a lesser known country could be just what you need. One of the most popular nations producing silver coins that you can find here is the Isle of Man. Their annually issued silver bullion coin is the Angel. Like other silver bullion coins from around the world, the Isle of Man Angel is made of .999 fine silver and weighs 1 Troy oz.

You can also find coins from Armenia here. While it is relatively new to the world bullion market, the Noah’s Ark bullion coin from Armenia has been well-received. Armenia has taken a similar approach to producing bullion coins as some other smaller nations, the coins are struck by a private Mint.

There are coins from a number of other countries you can find here as well. Some of these include Israel, Brazil, Equatorial Guinea, Mongolia, and the Central African Republic. While weights and fineness can vary, they all produce quality fine silver coins. These coins may not be widely collected just yet, but that just creates another reason to take a good look at what’s available.

Whether you’re interested in all silver coins, world silver coins, or other world silver coins like these, MCM has plenty of choices for you.