The modern Italian Mint was founded in 1928 and is located in Rome. It produces coins, passports, and postage stamps for Italy, the Vatican, San Marino, and Malta. It also publishes books and acts as a contract mint producing the coinage of a number of foreign countries. In addition, the Mint produces medals, badges, stamps, seals, punches and metal labels, for the Government of Italy as well as private parties. The mint has roots going back to 269 B.C., the year when the first silver coins were struck for the Roman Republic.

In 1907 the Italian Mint established the widely known and internationally well-regarded “School of the Art of Medal-making” where artists and engravers from numerous countries, and many world mints, have come to study and perfect their art. This school is renowned in the field for using the Italian techniques and craftsmanship of the past while marrying it to the art and technology of the future.