SilverTowne is one of many Private Mints in the United States. They are based in Winchester, Indiana. The history of SilverTowne goes back to 1949, although it wasn’t until the early 1970s that they began to mint some of their own products. That being said, that makes SilverTowne one of the oldest private Mints in the U.S. Today, they are widely known for consistently producing high quality Silver Bullion products.

Is SilverTowne a Reputable Mint?

SilverTowne Mint is among the oldest private Mints in the United States. They’ve been making high quality silver bullion products since 1973, and they are both well-known and trusted by many widely trusted today. If you’re looking for an excellent silver bullion with an appealing design or a piece for a special occasion, SilverTowne might be just the Mint for you.