When anyone talks about South African coins, the first thing that many people think of is the Gold Krugerrand. The first Krugerrand was released by the South African Mint in 1967. Originally, the Krugerrand was created as a way to distribute South African gold. Gold is quite plentiful in South Africa and it hasn’t always been as in-demand as it is today. The Krugerrand was a major success and has since gone on to become one of the world’s most used gold bullion coins. It is also worth mentioning that the Krugerrand has a lower premium than many other gold bullion options. While Krugerrands can have value to collectors, this coin is a top choice for stacking. It is well-known around the world and extremely liquid as a result. If you’re looking for gold bullion coins, make sure the Krugerrand is somewhere at the top of your list. This 22 karat gold coin comes in multiple sizes as well.

The most popular South African coin may be the Krugerrand, but the South African Mint produces coins made specifically for collectors too. There is even a series of sterling silver South African coins, although the majority of collectible coins from this country are gold. Aside from the Krugerrand, the Protea series is another line of coins from the South African Mint. Protea coins are issued annually and the design on one side changes with each annual issue. One side remains the same and shows a prominent flower of South Africa. These coins are produced in the same range of sizes as the Krugerrand.

The Nelson Mandela series of coins are another offering that draws people to South African coins. This series includes a wide variety of metals and denominations. South African Nelson Mandela coins can be gold, silver, or even the same materials used for circulating coins. Among World Coins, South Africa and its Krugerrand are an excellent choice.