The mining of silver began some 5000 years ago and was first discovered and excavated in what is now modern-day Turkey. Technological advances have helped drive production of this tangible asset to new heights and continued to increase its demand. With a finite supply, silver stackers are always drawn to the many available variations, including Silver Rounds.

Silver Rounds command extremely high demand in the marketplace and come in a wide range of coin-like designs. Silver rounds look similar to a coin in shape and design, are mainly found in 1 oz denominations and are typically made of .999 fine silver. Fractional rounds have gained momentum. These types of rounds weigh less than 1 oz and have become an affordable choice for those interested in adding silver bullion to a portfolio. Most of these fractional rounds can be found in 1/10, 1/4 and 1/2 oz sizes.

Silver rounds differentiate themselves from silver bullion coins because unlike sovereign mint silver coins, rounds are produced by private mints and refineries and carry no face value or monetary denomination. However, each round is stamped with purity and the actual silver weight specifications – noting a definitive value. Many borrow classic designs from popular coins of the past.  Some Silver Rounds are commemorative releases, but many are also minted with nothing more than the brand of the mint on either side of the silver. Stable, substantial and fundamentally liquid, the Silver Round provides an accessible and affordable way to enhance any portfolio. In other words, A Beautiful Investment™.