Disney is perhaps one of the most instantly recognizable brands in United States history and today includes multiple theme parks, movies, both animated and live, resorts, cruise lines, streaming services and of course, memorabilia. Founded in 1926 by Walt E. Disney and Ub Ibworks, with the help of his brother Roy, the Disney name would go on to be synonymous with childhood, imagination, and of course, innovation.

Given the prevalence of the Disney brand and the nostalgia so many associate with it, it is no surprise that officially licensed Disney coins have made their way to the numismatic market and have become a hit with both collectors and Disney enthusiasts alike.

Disney coins are an easy way to introduce coin collecting to a loved one, especially children, but are sure to catch the eye of seasoned numismatists too. Keep reading below to learn more about our wide assortment of officially licensed Disney coins and bring some magic to your collection today.