Palau is a group of about 100 islands located north of Indonesia and to the east of the Philippines. Silver Palau Coins are produced by Mints in other countries on behalf of Palau as a means to garner revenue from the licensing of the country’s name. Many recent issues from Palau are minted by Coin Invest Trust, a private Mint in Liechtenstein established in 1970, that produces high-quality collector coins for many other countries.

The most well-known Palau series is undoubtedly the Tiffany Art series.  The series began in 2004 under Liberian legal authority and in 2007 it switched to Palau.  These amazing coins, which depict famous, iconic architectural and artistic style such as gothic or neoclassical, include a window that is made of real Tiffany glass.  Many of the coins in this series have been very strong performers in the market, and these coins continue to receive awards and garner great interest from collectors.

Other Palau collector silver coin series include, for example, Mountains of Flora, the World of Wonders colorized series, the Marine Protection series with real pearl inserts, and many others.