You never know what kind of Other World Coins you’re going to find in our inventory. Other world coins could be from many countries around the world, and since they come from so many places there are always a variety of designs and metals available.

A large number of unique other world coins come from small Pacific nations such as Tokelau, Niue, Tuvalu, and Palau. While these countries do not produce their collector coins themselves, they are often made by larger more well-known Mints, such as the Perth Mint or New Zealand Mint. Coins from Pacific countries often have unique designs and low mintage figures. In fact, it is uncommon to see coins from these countries with mintage figures over 10,000 and many are far lower than that. It wasn’t long ago that these countries created quite a stir with their Disney Coins and Star Wars Coins. For some of these countries, collector coins make up a large portion of their economy so they do their best to produce what collectors want.

Gold and silver coins from Burundi, New Zealand, and the Cook Islands can be found here along with others. These countries may not produce enough coins to be prominently displayed, but they certainly produce some impressive high quality pieces. The New Zealand Mint produces a large number of coins for other countries and often incorporates vivid colorization into the designs.

Other World Coins offer a great selection of coins from smaller nations. Remember, a country doesn’t have to be large or well-known to produce interesting coins with collectible value. When it’s time to add more low mintage world coins to your collection, MCM is here with a variety of options for you.