Stacking silver is an increasingly popular way to diversity one’s overall financial assets.  Buying silver is also a way to own assets that are not tied to fiat, or paper, currencies. In addition, many precious metals experts believe that silver may be the most undervalued of all precious metals from a long-term perspective.  Silver is used in a wide range of industrial, scientific, medical, and other applications such as jewelry, and as the existing supply of mined silver is reduced every year because of this situation, the amount of silver in the world will continue to shrink.

One of the best ways to stack silver is by purchasing silver bullion bars from MCM, which offers an extensive range of silver bars from the world’s leading mints and precious metal manufacturers at extremely competitive prices.  These silver bars range in size from 1 oz. to a kilo, and they are usually made of .999 or finer silver.

Silver bullion bars are often the best way to acquire the most silver for your money because they carry low premiums over the value of their silver content.  The larger the bar, the lower the premium in most cases, and bars also offer the advantage of being easy to store because they do not take up a lot of space and can be stacked on top of each other. All of the silver bars offered by MCM are guaranteed to be genuine and contain the stated amount of silver at the indicated purity level, as indicated right on the bars.

These bars are also in most cases eligible for inclusion in a precious metal Individual Retirement Account (IRA), and the MCM product listing for such items will indicate if that is the case.  But be sure to consult your financial advisor or accountant for more information. The silver bullion bars offered by MCM come from the world’s top silver producers such as PAMP, Valcambi, the Perth Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint, Sunshine Minting, and many others.

If you’re looking for an economical and attractive smaller size silver bar, you may want to consider those from Sunshine Minting, which also produces silver planchets for the U.S. Mint, or the popular Prospector bars.  Both of these are available in 1, 5, and 10 oz. sizes.

Other silver bar options include PAMP’s artistic Lunar calendar bars that are also popular collectibles, or the 1 kilo bar if you want to acquire a substantial amount of silver at a low premium that also comes with PAMP’s iconic image of Fortuna, the Roman god of fortune.

Some of the many other options are new bars from the Royal Canadian Mint that offer state of the art anti-counterfeiting technology and a unique serial number, or the new Valcambi 50 and 100 gram CombiBars, which can easily be broken up into individual 1 gram bars.  These are ideal for bartering in the event of a currency collapse or natural disaster and would be much more useful than a very large silver bar in that kind of situation.

Whatever your goals, at MCM you’ll find the finest selection of top quality silver bullion bar products at the best prices to meet your needs – and you can purchase them with full confidence in the product you’re purchasing.