Chinese Coins have something to offer whether you are looking for a long term addition to your collection or a few more bullion coins to stack. One of the main things that Chinese coins are known for is their beautiful finish, even on regular bullion coins. Of all the coins that are minted in China, the most popular is the Chinese Silver Panda. This coin is just as well-known as the American Silver Eagle and Canadian Silver Maple Leaf. Since it is so well-known, not only is it a top choice among bullion coins, but a great pick for collectors as well. The finish on a new regular Silver Panda is so great that many people think it’s a proof. The standard Silver Panda is a 1 oz. coin, but Silver Pandas can be found all the way up to 1 kilo. The variety of weights offered by the Silver Panda provide an excellent way to accumulate a lot of silver weight without buying bars or purchasing silver bullion from lesser known sources. For collectors, the Silver Panda has a number of years that the mintage was low enough to cause an appreciable increase in value. MCM has a variety of graded Silver Pandas available. If you are looking for a graded Silver Panda, our inventory often includes coins graded by PCGS and NGC. MCM also has an exclusive NGC label for Chinese coins showing the Great Wall of China and the Chinese Flag.

In addition to the Silver Panda, there’s the Chinese Gold Panda which is also extremely popular. For bullion buyers, this is a recognizable and trusted gold bullion coin. For collectors, Gold Panda mintages are relatively low. It’s also worth mentioning that Chinese Mints do not use a mintmark. However, there are often slight differences in the design of a coin that allow the Mint of origin to be determined. Some variations might be the size of the text or date, or even something in the Temple of Heaven design.

MCM has a large and constantly changing selection of Chinese coins as a result of our efforts to offer you the best World Coins selection we can. When you want more collectible or bullion world coins, take a look to see what we have to offer you.