When you’re looking for something more for your collection, a platinum coin might be just the thing. It looks great, it has intrinsic value, and often platinum coins come in a variety of sizes. Other world platinum coins can be many things. You won’t find any Platinum Eagles or Platinum Maple Leaf coins here, but these coins could be from a variety of Mints. For instance, Australia, China, Russia, and the Isle of Man produce platinum coins as well. On the other hand, the platinum coins found here may also have collectible value due to their low mintage figures. A great example of this is the Chinese Platinum Panda. Chinese Panda coins are quite collectible regardless of their composition. However, Platinum Pandas can be extremely difficult to find. The Platinum Koala is produced by the Perth Mint in Australia and is a great option among other world platinum coins.

If you’re looking for platinum to add to your collection or stack on a budget, many of the world’s platinum coins are available in fractional sizes. While smaller coins carry higher premiums, the cost of a single coin is much lower. MCM is constantly buying so we can give you the best selection of platinum or palladium possible.