Among Silver Proof Sets and Mint Sets, Clad Proof Sets are the most numerous. Since proof sets have been available since 1936, and coins have had a clad composition since 1965, there are a wide variety of clad proof sets available.

Clad proof sets are some of the most easily affordable coins to add to any collection.While the standard for the present time is a 14 piece set, during the early 2000s both 5 piece and 10 piece clad proof sets were produced. Many clad proof sets have had high mintage figures. While this doesn’t detract from the visual appeal of the coins, it has kept prices low.

In addition to standard clad proof sets, today there are a number of clad proof sets from specific collections as well. The best examples of this are the clad America the Beautiful proof sets. Clad America the Beautiful proof sets contain clad proof versions of each design released during that year. Clad proof sets are a convenient and affordable option if you’re looking to add Proof and Mint Sets to your collection.