1969-S U.S. Proof Coin Set GEM Proof OGP


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1969-S United States Proof Set in the original mint packaging

The 1969 proof set was minted and manufactured in San Francisco, California. Each of the five coins in the set bear the ‘S’ mint mark on its obverse side. The coins in this set were manufactured using a special process that employed specially frosted and polished dies that result in coins with a very shiny mirror finish that – while they have the same design as the coins for circulation – look very different from coins found in pocket change.

The individual coins in the 1969 proof set were minted with dies that were initially treated to stamp the coins with what appears to be a ‘cameo’ effect. The design details were sand blasted, then the low parts of the design were highly polished. The contrast between the two is like black and white. Unfortunately perfect examples of this contrast are scarce and command a premium. While we cannot guarantee the sets we are selling have this contrast, we do not check them – anything is possible.

The 1969 United States proof set was packaged in a hard plastic case with a heraldic eagle embossed into one side, and the words “United States Mint Proof Set” on the other side. The coins are housed inside a stiff board that is black in color. The outer box is blue with white lettering, a style used from 1968 through 1972.

Proof sets make a wonderful gift for special birthdays or anniversaries, and given the relatively high mintage of 1969 proof sets, they are very affordable! Get yours today with free shipping from Modern Coin Mart!

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The United States Mint



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United States

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San Francisco



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United States