1963 U.S. Silver Proof Coin Set GEM Proof OGP


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1963 United States Mint Proof Set

This proof coin set was struck at the Philadelphia Mint. 1963 was the last year that the Franklin half dollar was produced and this set contains one. This was also one of the last years that the US Mint used silver for half dollars, quarters, and dimes. Those coins were struck in 90% silver. The 1963 proof set contains 1 Franklin half, 1 Washington quarter, 1 Roosevelt dime, 1 Jefferson nickel, and 1 Lincoln cent along with a Philadelphia Mint token. In total, there were 3,075,645 of these sets produced.

Original Flat Pack Packaging

In 1955, the US Mint began using the flat pack style of packaging that is seen on this proof set. This style of packaging was more efficient than previous styles in terms of preserving the coins. Each coin is sealed individually between 2 layers of cellophane. All of the coins are together, but they each have their own compartment to minimize contact between them. To further protect the coins, a thin piece of cardboard was placed on each side of the set before placing them in the official mint envelope

Proof Set Condition

This 1963 Proof Set was not received directly from the US Mint by ModernCoinMart. Most of these sets have seen multiple owners and they may not be in exactly the same condition they displayed in 1963 because of that. The coins in this set may show some toning, as flat pack packaging does not prevent the natural processes that coins are subject to. However, the coins in each of these sets will be in the Gem Proof condition range. Another possibility to consider is getting these coins graded individually. This can often increase the value of your set as compared to leaving it in the original packaging.

1963 Proof Roosevelt Dime

One interesting fact about this proof set is that some of them contain an error coin. No one knows exactly how many of these error coins were produced, but some of the proof strikes of the 1963 Roosevelt dime from the Philadelphia Mint display a double-die error on the reverse. This error can be seen in the words “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and also in the words “E PLURIBUS UNUM.” While none of these proof sets are guaranteed to contain this error coin, it is a possibility worth considering and something you should definitely check for when you receive your 1963 Proof Set.

This 1963 Proof Set in its original packaging for such a great price is one opportunity you shouldn’t pass up. There are a number of ways to increase the value of the set when you buy one in the original packaging like this. The coins in these sets are in the Gem Proof area, so you never know just how great of a deal this could be for you

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