Innovative New Coin Finishes

Now that you’ve got the essentials of coin finishes under your belt, or you do if you've read our previous articles discussing both the basics of coin finishes, we’ll cover some of the innovative new coin finishes that have become increasingly popular recently.

One of the best things about the modern coin and bullion market is that there’s plenty of competition. There are sovereign Mints as well as Private Mints, and all of them make an effort to product the best coins and bullion possible. From time to time, this will result in something that has never been seen before. Here, we’ll take a closer look at some special types of coin finishes that are still quite new to the scene. Most of these finished have been selected by Mints and designers for their eye appeal, so if you want something unique that looks great, pay extra attention.

The past few years have really been a great time for collectors. Things have remained the same for many decades, but recently there seems to be innovative new minting technology popping up around the world. There are actually a variety of special coin finishes that have been introduced in just the past few years. Of course there are the special coin finishes that we’ve come to expect from time to time, like proof, reverse proof, enhanced uncirculated, and burnished.

Designers and Mint experts have really outdone themselves with some of these new finishes. For example, now modified proof coins can be found on the market. They will catch your eye, but there are some obvious differences between these coins and standard proofs. Perhaps the most notable new coin finish is enhanced reverse proof. The appearance of these coins is simply stunning. It’s unlike any other kind of finish out there. Prior to 2019, the enhanced reverse proof finish had never been used on any type of US coin.

2019 brought an entirely new finish to some special types of U.S. coins. While it’s not unusual to see a special collectible option or two for some types of coins, the introduction of something completely new is always very exciting. In 2019, we saw the introduction of the modified proof finish from the Royal Canadian Mint and the enhanced reverse proof finish from the U.S. Mint. In fact, there’s a significant connection between the releases of these two finishes.

The modified proof coin finish is unique in that it has not been universally defined, like a proof or reverse proof coin finish. This finish can be found on the 2019 Silver Maple Leaf from the 2019 Pride of Two Nations coin set. This set was the result of a cooperative effort between the U.S. Mint and the Royal Canadian Mint.

However, the modified proof 2019 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf was actually created out of necessity. The Royal Canadian Mint wanted to contribute a special version of the Silver Maple Leaf to the Pride of Two Nations set. Unfortunately, legislation in Canada prevents the production of a Silver Maple Leaf with a proof finish. The modified proof finish was the Royal Canadian Mint’s way of creating something unique for the set that was still within their legal restrictions.

The 2019 Pride of Two Nations coin set was a monumental occasion because of the cooperative effort behind it. The Royal Canadian Mint contributed something completely new, and so did the U.S. Mint. The coin in this set from the U.S. Mint was the 2019-W enhanced reverse proof Silver Eagle. The enhanced reverse proof finish had never been seen before on a U.S. coin. This type of coin finish highlights the kind of beauty that modern minting technology is capable of producing.

This finish takes a bit more planning than a proof finish or a reverse proof finish. With proof and reverse proof finishes, any portion of the surface is either frosted or mirrored. In the case of the enhanced reverse proof finish, different levels of frosting and mirroring can be seen in various areas of the design. It’s not just a matter of if a portion is frosted or mirrored, but also how frosted or mirrored it is. The enhanced reverse proof finish has tremendous eye appeal. There was also a 2019-S enhanced reverse proof Silver Eagle launched later in the year, which sold out at the U.S. Mint in a matter of minutes.

Of all the finishes mentioned here, the antique coin finish can vary the most from one piece to another. This finish is typically applied by hand and actually tends to make each coin that receives it slightly different. It gives coins an aged appearance without any wear or loss of detail. The antiqued finish usually displays portions that look as if they have toned to a very dark hue.

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