Building Your Stack: How to Buy Platinum Bullion

The U.S. Mint will release a clad half dollar, a silver dollar and a $5 gold coin to honor the 100th Anniversary of the founding of the American Legion. Proceeds from the series will help support the ongoing efforts of one of the most celebrated American Institutions ever created.

Where to Buy Physical Platinum Bullion


Due to the general scarcity of platinum coupled with its numerous industrial uses, it is not as readily available as gold or silver. There are platinum bullion dealers that can be visited in person, but these are scarce. Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll find a platinum coin or two at your local coin shop from time to time.


If you want to buy platinum bullion, the easiest method is actually to buy platinum bullion online. Many reputable bullion dealers operate online. High quality bullion dealers will keep your private information secure and the transaction will be safe as well

valcambi suisse platinum bullion bar 1ozvalcambi suisse platinum bullion bar 1oz

How to Buy Platinum Coins, Bars, or Rounds Online


Buying platinum bullion online is a pretty simple process. Often, the biggest challenge is deciding between several high quality platinum bullion dealers. While there aren’t as many total buying choices with this precious metal, you’ll still find that the options vary from one dealer to the next.


Those looking for a coin will typically stick with the American Platinum Eagle. These 1 oz. platinum coins are struck by the U.S. Mint each year. While they are platinum bullion coins, plenty of people collect them as well.


In the case of 1 oz. platinum bars, it’s really a matter of preference whether a coin or a bar is a better choice. However, platinum bullion bars offer some size variety. You can even find 1 gram platinum bars, which can be great for those starting with a small budget.


Platinum bullion rounds tend to be generally scarce. You’ll really have to dig online if you want platinum bullion in this form.

platinum bullion bar safe storage vaultplatinum bullion bar safe storage vault

How to Store Platinum Safely

One of the best things about platinum storage is that you don’t need much space. A small lock box or a safety deposit box can be used to house a significantly valuable amount of platinum bullion.

Best Way to Buy Platinum in Bulk


If you want to buy platinum in bulk, be careful with your product selection. Once you’ve chosen a platinum bullion dealer, try to stick with purchasing multiple pieces of the same product as opposed to a variety of products. This may get you a quantity discount as well.

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