Introduction to Buying Platinum Bullion

Platinum; the other white metal has risen to popularity in recent years and has become a common fixture in bullion. Just like with silver and gold, it is important to arm yourself with the necessary knowledge so that you can build a respectable platinum stack.

Why Buy Physical Platinum Bullion?


Platinum bullion shares a number of desirable qualities with gold bullion. So, why buy platinum bullion you ask? Well, first of all, it’s nice to physically possess something that’s highly valued. You can keep it wherever you want, sell or trade it at will, do whatever you like with it really.


In addition to the physical possession aspect, platinum is very much like gold in the sense that a large amount of value can be stored in a small space. This is perhaps the most significant advantage that gold and platinum bullion have over silver bullion. You can have high dollar amounts of any of these metals, but gold and platinum will take up much less space than silver assuming that we’re talking about equal amounts of value. For example, $10,000 worth of platinum can fit in a small jewelry box with room to spare. However, if you were trying to store $10,000 worth of silver, you would need significantly more space.

platinum eagle rollplatinum eagle roll

Types of Platinum Bullion


Physical platinum bullion can be found in many forms. Many stackers prefer 1 oz. platinum bullion as opposed to other sizes because of price differences. Platinum bullion bars are a popular choice because of their premiums and certifications. Platinum bullion coins tend to offer a higher level of eye appeal than bars, some are quite impressive. The American Platinum Eagle is a fine example. Platinum bullion rounds can also be found from time to time, but not as frequently.

Where to Buy Physical Platinum BullionWhere to Buy Physical Platinum Bullion

Where to Buy Physical Platinum Bullion


Due to the general scarcity of platinum coupled with its numerous industrial uses, it is not as readily available as gold or silver. There are platinum bullion dealers that can be visited in person, but these are scarce. Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll find a platinum coin or two at your local coin shop from time to time. If you want to buy platinum bullion, the easiest method is actually to buy platinum bullion online. Many reputable bullion dealers operate online. High quality bullion dealers will keep your private information secure and the transaction will be safe as well.


For further reading on Building Your Platinum Stack as well as tips on How to Buy Platinum Bullion read the next part of the Buying Bullion Guide on ModernCoinMart’s Resource Center.

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