Spectacular New Incuse Design Wedge-Tailed Eagles Struck in One Kilo Gold and, For the First Time Ever, One Kilo Silver!

The wait is over! Here are the new 2021 Wedge-Tailed Eagles from Australia’s Perth Mint, with an exceptionally-detailed, stunning incuse design, struck in kilos of high-purity gold and silver, and they do not disappoint! These new Wedge-Tailed Eagles represent the next step in the progression of Wedge-Tailed Eagle designs from the hand and mind of the 12th Chief Engraver of the U.S. Mint, John Mercanti, the man who has produced more coin and medal designs than any employee in the 229 years the U.S. Mint has been in existence. But, keep in mind, due to limited mintages, these very popular Wedge-Tailed Eagle Proofs are in very short supply.

These Eagles Represent a Big First in Numismatic History

Australia’s Wedge-Tailed Eagles made history in 2014 when John Mercanti collaborated with the Perth Mint, marking the first time ever that a U.S. Mint engraver designed a coin for a foreign mint. The response among collectors worldwide was overwhelming, and the series has grown in popularity every year. They’re among the most anticipated releases each year, for collectors all around the globe. Mercanti is the same man who created the hugely popular American Silver Eagle reverse that’s been around for over 35 years, and he just sculpted this new Australian Wedge-Tailed Eagle design, his sixth entry in the series.

Why the Wedge-Tailed Eagle?

The Wedge-Tailed Eagle is the largest bird of prey in Australia, noteworthy for its unique, long, unmistakable wedge-shaped tail, its penchant for effortlessly soaring for extended periods (up to 90 minutes), its ability to travel at speeds up to 50 mph, and its size. Wedge-Tailed Eagles can be huge, with the largest recorded wingspan recorded at 9 feet, 4 inches long. They mate for life, and they build massive nests that they re-use year after year. Additionally, like the American Bald Eagle, the Wedge-Tailed Eagle is an Australian symbol. It’s on badges for municipal police forces, governmental services, agencies like the Australian parks service, and also various branches of military. It’s the state emblem for two Australian states, the Northern Territory and New South Wales. The Royal Australian Air Force even named its airborne early warning and control aircraft the Boeing E-7 Wedgetail.

Eight Years, the Sixth New Mercanti Design

A one-year-only design, this 2021 Wedge-Tailed Eagle features Mercanti’s sixth reverse design in the series, featuring the next logical step in the portrayal of Australia’s Wedge-Tailed Eagle. The first two designs, the Eagle about to stick a landing with wings outspread in 2014-2015, and the Eagle perched and surveying his territory in 2016-2017, were two-year designs. Starting in 2018, each design became one-year only starting with the first-ever depiction of a family of eagles with a mother eagle in the foreground, looking down at her eaglet with concern and responsibility. The 2019 design depicted the Eagle soaring in the sky sizing up its prey, and the 2020 design portrayed the eagle closing in on its prey, talons extended in anticipation.

This 2021 Mercanti design gives us another chapter in the Wedge-Tailed Eagle story, with the hunting Eagle grasping its next meal, a struggling snake, in its talons. The obverse of this proof is an effigy of the oldest reigning Monarch in the world, Queen Elizabeth II, designed by former engraver for the United Kingdom’s Royal Mint and current Head of Design at the Commonwealth Mint, Jody Clark.

An Awe-Inspiring Incuse Design Accentuated by a Reverse Proof Finish

These Proofs are especially impressive thanks to their spectacular incused reverse design, with the eagle struck far below the surface of the bowl-shaped planchet. The detailed design is then heightened by an exquisite reverse proof finish. Reverse proof finishes feature mirrored raised elements and frosted backgrounds, the opposite of a traditional proof finish. Typically, reverse proof finish coins are produced in relatively low quantities, and are considered more beautiful than they’re standard counterparts. That is certainly true in this case. This proof is a joy to behold!

Struck in One Kilo Gold or FIRST-EVER One Kilo Silver

These 2021 Wedge-Tailed Eagle Proofs are struck in one full kilo of high-purity 99.99% pure gold, $3,000 Australia legal tender, or in one full kilo of high-purity 99.99% fine silver, $30 Australia legal tender. This is the first time in the Wedge-Tailed Eagle series the Perth Mint has issued a Kilo Silver, also with an Incuse design!

Certified Flawless PF70 UC and First Day of Issue by NGC

Proofs and coins are graded on a 70-point scale, with a grade of 70 representing absolute perfection, even under magnification. There is no higher grade. These 2021 Wedge-Tailed Eagle Proofs have been certified as perfect Proof-70 Ultra Cameo (PF70 UC) by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), one of the top coin-grading services in the world. Each proof has also received a First Day of Issue (FDI) pedigree. The FDI pedigree means these coins were turned over for grading on the first day of release from the mint.

These proofs are not only the best of the best, they’re the first of the best.

Exclusive John Mercanti Hand-Signed Signature Labels

Each of these perfect, flawless proofs comes sonically sealed with an Australian Flag label with a hand-signed signature from the reverse designer, John Mercanti, displayed in a Perth Mint presentation case, with a Perth Mint numbered certificate of authenticity.

Low Mintages Worldwide

These Wedge-Tailed Eagle Proofs have highly limited worldwide mintages, including just 10 of the One Kilo Gold Proofs and just 250 of the first-ever One Kilo Silver Proofs. Far fewer of both versions are available in perfect PF70 UC condition, pedigreed as First Day of Issue, with hand-signed labels.

What that means is simply this: you’ll want to act fast, so you don’t end up empty-handed.

2021 Australia Kilo Gold Wedge-Tailed Eagle Incuse Reverse Proof PF70 FDI


  • Incuse Reverse Design with a Reverse Proof Finish
  • One Kilo 99.99% Pure Gold
  • $3,000 Australia Legal Tender
  • Perfect Proof-70 Ultra Cameo (PF70 UC) Grade
  • Certified First Day of Issue (FDI) by NGC
  • Hand-Signed Label by Reverse Designer John Mercanti
  • Total Worldwide Mintage of 10
  • Limited Availability and extremely low population

2021 Australia Kilo Silver Wedge-Tailed Eagle Incuse Reverse Proof PF70 FDI


  • First-Ever Wedge-Tailed Eagle Design Struck in One Kilo Silver from the Perth Mint
  • Incuse Reverse Design with a Reverse Proof Finish
  • One Kilo 99.99% Fine Silver
  • $30 Australia Legal Tender
  • Perfect Proof-70 Ultra Cameo (PF70 UC) Grade
  • Certified First Day of Issue (FDI) by NGC
  • Hand-Signed Label by Reverse Designer John Mercanti
  • Total Worldwide Mintage of 250
  • Limited Availability and extremely low population

These Wedge-Tailed Eagle Proofs struck in one kilo pure gold and one kilo fine silver, with an incuse design and a reverse proof finish, in perfect PF70 UC condition, with a First Day of Issue pedigree, and a hand-signed label will not last long.

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