The State of South Carolina requires the imposition of sales taxes on specific items sold by ModernCoinMart and delivered to addresses within South Carolina. It is essential to ensure the collection of these taxes on (1) copper or palladium products; (2) any coins that are not, or previously were not, used as legal tender in the United States or any other jurisdiction; (3) accessory items; and (4) processed items.  All other products sold by ModernCoinMart are exempt from these taxes.

The following definitions apply to items that are subject to state tax collection in South Carolina:

  • Coins.  A coin made of gold, silver, or other metal which is or has been used as legal tender.
  • Legal Tender.  Coins that must be accepted if offered in payment of a debt.
  • Accessory Items.  Items such as holders, tubes, coin flips, and apparel.
  • Processed Items.  Processed precious metals altered by third-party entities to create items valued for attributes beyond their intrinsic metal content, such as embellished coins or sculptures.

As required by South Carolina law, ModernCoinMart is required to notify its South Carolina customers of the following:


You are entitled to a 1% state sales tax reduction on items purchased for your personal use.  You must ask for the reduction and present proof of your age.

If you reside in South Carolina and wish to take advantage of the 1% reduction in sales tax, please contact ModernCoinMart’s toll-free customer service hotline at 1-800-362-9004. Our attentive customer service representatives are available to help you complete your purchase and apply the applicable sales tax reduction. Prior to shipping your order, you will be required to provide proof of your age by submitting a copy of the necessary document via mail, email, or fax to ModernCoinMart.

Sales taxes in South Carolina are calculated at checkout on the ModernCoinMart website based on (1) the tax implications associated with products sold by ModernCoinMart in South Carolina as previously outlined, and (2) the specific tax rates determined by the governing tax authority applicable to the designated delivery location within South Carolina.

ModernCoinMart began collecting sales taxes in South Carolina on May 1, 2024.  Our sales tax license number in South Carolina is 117029447.

If you are a  South Carolina-based reseller and wish to file a Reseller Certificate with ModernCoinMart, please contact us at [email protected]. After we’ve received your filled-out Reseller Certificate, we’ll input it into our system. As long as your Reseller Certificate remains valid and active, you will not incur any sales taxes on future orders.

Please note:  The summary above provides a condensed examination of sales tax laws and obligations within the State of South Carolina. While comprehensive, it may only encompass some facets of the regulations. Its purpose is to outline the pertinent laws and requirements applicable to transactions involving ModernCoinMart within the state. If you would like to research the sales tax laws and requirements in the State of South Carolina, we suggest you visit the South Carolina Department of Revenue located at

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