This sunken treasure, the giant Gold Bars and the $20 Gold Liberty coins, are coming to market now for the very first time. They have never been available before!


Here’s Your Chance to Own Actual Shipwreck Gold Treasure!

What you have here are giant Gold Bars and $20 Gold Liberty coins that were recovered from the SS Central America 130 years after the ship sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean during a deadly hurricane on September 12, 1857, taking with her hundreds of passengers and crew members, and tons of gold. These coins have never been available before.

The SS Central America Exhibit

Housed in a 40-foot-long re-creation of the famous ship’s hull, the Ship of Gold exhibit displayed a portion of the vast treasure from the SS Central America recovery. The exhibit debuted at the February 2000 Long Beach Expo. At every event where the Ship of Gold Exhibit appeared, record-setting hordes of people poured into the display to see the coins, gold bars, and other artifacts, and to soak in the history of the tragic shipwreck. 


What This All Means to You

Part of the recovery of treasure from the SS Central America was several giant Gold Bars and a beautiful 150-count Treasure Box of $20 Gold Liberty coins, 123 of which were intact. Now you can add one or more of these notable Gold Bars and Gold Liberty coins to your collection. The Bars and Coins were part of the Treasure Box and the Ship of Gold Exhibit, which was seen by thousands of eyes at its various stops.

Recovering America’s Lost Treasure

Nicknamed the “Ship of Gold” for its famous cargo which included tons of gold from the San Francisco Mint including gold coins, gold bars, gold dust, and bullion from the California Gold Rush, the SS Central America remained at the bottom of the ocean until being discovered in 1988. Thanks to the development of sophisticated salvage equipment and underwater robots like those used to salvage cargo following the discovery of the Titanic, much of the treasure on SS Central America was brought to the surface and saved.


It can’t be argued that the gold aboard the SS Central America shipwreck is one of our country’s most important gold hoards. Several books have been written about the historic “Ship of Gold” and the wide-ranging impact its sinking had on the nation. Its cargo has been compared to the Crown Jewels of England or the treasures in the Tomb of King Tut. Many of the items contained in this gold treasure ship are priceless pieces of American history, of immeasurable value.



During a dive in 1991, a box of $20 Gold Liberty’s was recovered relatively intact.


After touring for years with the Ship of Gold exhibit, the coins were carefully removed from the box and meticulously preserved and curated by Bob Evans, Chief Scientist for the SS Central America Project. 


The coins would then travel to Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC) for grading and encapsulating. The coins you see in the treasure box above are the very coins you will be able to acquire today.

Exclusive John Mercanti Hand-Signed Signature Labels

Each of these perfect, flawless Proofs comes sonically sealed with an exclusive Australian Flag label with a hand-signed signature from the reverse designer, John Mercanti, displayed in a Perth Mint presentation case, with a Perth Mint numbered certificate of authenticity.

Exclusive Low Worldwide Mintages

These Wedge-Tailed Eagle Proofs have highly limited worldwide mintages—just 50 of the five-ounce Gold Proofs, just 200 of the one-ounce Platinum Proofs, just 500 of the ten-ounce Silver Proofs, and just 2,000 of the two-ounce Silver Proofs. Fewer are available in perfect PF70 UC condition, pedigreed as First Day of Issue, with hand-signed labels. We are the sole source for these magnificent Proofs outside of Australia.

What that means is simply this: you’ll want to act fast, so you don’t wind up empty-handed.

The Giant Gold Bars

Each of these spectacular, massive Gold Bars, ranging in weight from 61.41 ounces to 113.74 ounces (one each weight), was created by John Kellogg and Augustus Humbert, two well-known, trusted assayers in San Francisco at that time. They are likely among the most sought-after treasures from the shipwreck because they are large bricks of gold, and because there are so few of them. Only 343 gold bars in various sizes were recovered from the wreckage. Each giant Gold Bar is beautifully preserved and features the bar number with the assayers Kellogg and Humbert, the weight in gold ounces, the fineness and the gold value from circa 1857 when the ship sank. On most gold bars, you will find that the corner has been cut, in order to verify that the bar is solid gold.

Remarkably High Coin Grades

Each coin has been expertly reviewed and graded by NGC, one of the leading third-party coin-grading services in the world. 70 of the coins available here earned a Mint State grade from MS60 to MS66, plus there are 14 coins that are graded in AU55-AU58, and one in Genuine. Considering all these coins went through, these are notably high grades.


Scarcity and a Special, Very Limited Pedigree

If you review the PCGS and NGC population reports, combined there have been 12,613 Gold Double Eagles from the SS Central Americathat have been graded.


BUT, there are only 123 coins that are from a Treasure Box that have been displayed in the Ship of Gold Exhibit.  Each custom NGC label attests to these coins being from this Treasure Box, with a photo of the box in the upper righthand corner.


Packaging that Befits Their Importance, and Extras

These sensational, historic Gold Double Eagles will arrive housed in a beautiful wooden presentation case, with SS Central America etched into the top lid. Each coin will also include a hand-signed photograph of the Treasure box these coins were recovered in, personally signed by the Chief Scientist for the SS Central America Project, Bob Evans, who was a key member of each of the recovery expeditions. Each coin also comes with the coffee table book America’s Greatest Treasure Ship the S.S. Central America, by Q. David Bowers, with a forward by Bob Evans.



  • $20 Gold Liberty’s from the Ship of Gold Treasure Box
  • Date Range: 1850-1857
  • Grade Range: AU55-MS66
  • Wooden Presentation Case
  • America’s Greatest Treasure Ship the S.S. Central America Book
  • Photograph of the box these coins were recovered in, hand-signed by Bob Evans Chief Scientist for the S.S. Central America Project
 This opportunity will not come around again! Hurry and secure yours now! 

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