1711-D France Billon 30 Denier Coin New World Hoard PCGS Genuine


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Why should you consider adding this 1711-D Colonial French 30 Deniers coin to your collection?

This coin may not appear like much, but it carries a lot of history! Originally struck in 1711 at the French Mint in Lyon, it was part of King Louis XIV’s “Edict of May” which called for a new 30 Denier coin. The edict was created in order to provide a coin for trade use in the French Colonies. The coin itself was struck out of a billon alloy containing 20% silver and 80% copper, to a weight of 34.8g. It had a fair 28.93 mm diameter, with smooth edge.

As with many of the French Colonial coins, no portrait was featured in the design. It instead featured a cross, very similar to the emblem of the King’s Musketeers. Because of this resemblance, they were nicknamed Mousquetaires,
a nickname by which they are still sometimes known today. They were used in all of the French Colonies in America, from Quebec to New Orleans, and garnered much use over the years.

In a stunning discovery, a large, sealed jar of these coins was found, buried under the floorboards of a small shop in Bishop’s Waltham, Hampshire, England! The shop dates back to the 17th Century, meaning those coin could have been buried there for over 400 years! This discovery prompts many questions, foremost being how a sealed jar containing so many of these coins intended for use in the French Colonies of America, appear buried under a shop in England? While that answer may never be known, it is very apparent that these coins have been through a lot of history, yet have managed to survive up to today! ModernCoinMart now offers them to you, certified by Professional Coin Grading Services (PCGS) as being Genuine! These coins have sat underground in a jar for far too long. Add them to your collection today, in order to reveal the beauty of one of America’s first coins!

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