Monnaie de Paris is “the oldest enterprise in the world” according to their website. Charles II, better known as “Charles the Bald,” issued the Edict of Pistres in 864, which, among other things, created a workshop for coining that would be attached to the crown. It also established eight other such workshops throughout the provinces. Monnaie de Paris gained prominence during the Ancien Régime. For centuries, the number of French Mints varied, but by 1878, this was the last one remaining in operation.

Thanks in large part to the sheer quantity of coins produced by the likes of the US Mint, the Perth Mint, and other leaders throughout the world, Monnaie de Paris often gets overlooked by collectors. Those who do take the time to learn about its rich history and its unique products quickly find themselves enamored with them. As you grow your collection, be sure to check this mint’s releases periodically to ensure that you do not miss out on any of their stunning releases.