With a specific, labeled gold weight, Goldbacks feature a variety of stunning designs from Utah, Nevada, and New Hampshire. Considered to be the first voluntary, local currency as an answer to some concerns of Fiat Currencies, Goldbacks can double down and make a unique addition to any collection, especially for those who love intricate designs.

What Is a Goldback?

A Goldback is a type of voluntary, non-dollar, local currency and may be the world’s only circulating interchangeable gold money. The Utah Goldback, Nevada Goldback, and New Hampshire Goldback are attempts to legally allow the circulation of gold-backed currencies in states where this has been made allowable through legislation.

What Is a Goldback Made of?

Printed on a clear polyester in a four-color process, Goldbacks are crafted with .999 fine gold paint on Aurum with a plastic film designed to hold in the gold paint, ensuring its durability. The Aurum covering adds an extra level of protection so that the gold foil notes can be easily held and admired.

What Is Voluntary Local Currency?

Essentially, a voluntary local currency is a form of money created for local use and has an agreed value by the people and businesses involved in a particular transaction for goods and services based on the current exchange rate of gold, and with the Growing Concerns of Fiat Currencies, a readily available voluntary currency is a possible and viable answer.