NGC Green Label CoinsNGC Green Label Coins

NGC Green Label: An Exciting New Program


The NGC Green Label program is an exciting advance in numismatic certification and coin collecting. This collaboration between NGC and RARCOA gives collectors special access to hand-selected, premium quality coins. These coins are also supported by RARCOA’s extensive market-making activities.

Leading numismatic experts at RARCOA inspect and segregate coins to find superior quality examples, including coins with attributes such as outstanding eye appeal, razor-sharp strike, booming luster, or attractive toning. These top-tier coins are then sent to NGC for certification and encapsulation with the NGC Green Label. Only coins that possess these exceptional features — according to RARCOA’s strict standards — are awarded the NGC Green Label. Collectors will have the opportunity to recognize superior quality coins quickly and easily knowing they have undergone RARCOAS’s additional scrutiny AND certification process at NGC.

NGC Green Label: Available Only at Select Retailers


ModernCoinMart will be working in collaboration with RARCOA to supply coins that carry the new NGC Green Label and is proud to be among the first retailers to provide this new service to the coin collecting community. RARCOA will also assist in developing the demand for NGC Green Label coins by placing strong bids through worldwide dealer-to-dealer trading platforms.

RARCOA NGC Authorized Green Label DealerRARCOA NGC Authorized Green Label Dealer

Who is RARCOA?


RARCOA (Rare Coin Company of America) was founded over half a century ago (1962) and is recognized as one of the leading numismatic distributors in the United States. RARCOA is among the top marketers of pre-1934 U.S. gold and silver dollars — an active inventory of over 20,000 encapsulated coins at any one time. In addition, RARCOA has developed international relationships over several decades, and is a major importer and distributor of gold coins from around the world. Closer to home, RARCOA has always specialized in a wide variety of numismatic treasures and has placed many great rarities, including the widely recognized 1804 ‘Dexter’ Dollar, the 1894-S Barber dime, and the 1787 Brasher Doubloon. Together, RARCOA and ModernCoinMart forge a valuable partnership for the ultimate benefit of the collecting community.

“The NGC Green Label builds upon NGC’s mission to make the hobby more vibrant, more transparent and more accessible to collectors of all levels. By identifying coins that are worthy of distinction, the NGC Green Label makes it easier for collectors to recognize, trade and value quality coins.”

-Wayde Milas, President, RARCOA

Morgan Silver Dollars with the NGC Green Label


Morgan silver dollars are the most popular U.S. numismatic collectible, coveted by collectors both near and far. Minted from 1878 to 1904 and again in 1921, there are many beautiful, well-struck examples of this classic coin from America’s storied past. However, only the finest from among them will be found in the new NGC Green Label holders. ModernCoinMart is therefore quite pleased to announce that we have acquired a substantial collection of Morgan dollars certified by NGC and awarded the prestigious Green Label. Each coin displays superior quality and appearance and is backed by the sight-unseen purchasing power of RARCOA.

Morgan Silver Dollars with the NGC Green LabelMorgan Silver Dollars with the NGC Green Label

Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagles with the NGC Green Label


Known for its unparalleled beauty and historic significance, the Gold Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle sparked a new era of design for the classic $20 gold piece in 1907 when it replaced the enduring Liberty Double Eagle. With its long-running design created by one of America’s most famous sculptors, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, paired with the authoritative direction of the former U.S. President, Theodore Roosevelt, this stunning masterpiece has become a highly sought-after collectible coin for generations to enjoy. Now collectors and precious metal enthusiasts can enjoy this American classic that has been certified by NGC and awarded the prestigious NGC Green Label for its extraordinary quality and appearance.

Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagles with the NGC Green LabelSaint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagles with the NGC Green Label

The Mission of the Green Label Program


NGC’s Mission


The NGC Green Label builds upon NGC’s mission to provide collectors of all levels with tools to build the best collection, making the hobby more vibrant and accessible. Coins awarded the NGC Green Label enable collectors to recognize and trade superior numismatic properties.


RARCOA’s Mission


NGC Green Label certified coins must pass not only NGC’s strict standards for authentication and grading but must also meet or surpass RARCOA’s unparalleled standards for luster, strike, and eye appeal. This ensures that all NGC Green Label coins are of premium quality. The NGC Green Label provides RARCOA the opportunity to help identify exceptional coins for collectors more easily and support the market with active sight-unseen bids.


ModernCoinMart’s Mission


The NGC Green Label offers collectors the unique opportunity to build a visually stunning collection backed by RARCOA’s standards of excellence and NGC’s industry leading authentication and grading guarantee. ModernCoinMart is committed to bringing these exceptional specimens to collectors in a seamless and professional manner.


“When collectors see a coin certified with the NGC Green Label, they will know that it has received additional scrutiny and is supported by a robust, two-way market. As always, collectors will also benefit from NGC’s accurate and consistent grading, state-of-the-art holder and industry-leading guarantee of authenticity and grade.”

-Mark Salzberg, NGC Chairman and Grading Finalizer

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