Introducing MintID:
A New Level of Security for Bullion Products


ModernCoinMart is proud to offer official MintID products to customers whose top priority is the security of their bullion purchases. Offering unparalleled security, MintID products bear a custom Near-Field Communication (NFC) chip with an encrypted and tamper-proof digital certificate.


To authenticate products quickly and securely, the official MintID mobile app can be used to instantaneously guarantee items as genuine by the ISO: 9001 facility that minted it.


What Does It Mean To Be ISO 9001 Certified?

ISO is an independent international organization that specializes in determining global standards for many industries. Mints that are ISO 9001 certified have met strict international standards for quality management. This certification is also necessary for gold and silver products to be included in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). MintID works directly with ISO: 9001 rated minting facilities using only LBMA/COMEX approved metals to ensure quality and security.



What Makes MintID Products So Secure?


Unlike invisible ink, QR codes, and serial numbers, MintID chips cannot be cloned or copied. All MintID products have a unique digital identity that links the physical rounds to their cloud-based digital identities.

Once received, the MintID mobile app can be used to guarantee authenticity by the ISO:9001 facility that minted it – instantly.

What Is The MintID Mobile App?

Users are able to authenticate and identify each one of their MintID investments. The best part about the MintID Mobile App is that it is not only free but can be easily downloaded in the Google Play Store


How to Use The MintID Mobile AppDownload the MintID app in the Google Play store on any Android mobile device.


Turn on NFC within the settings of your device.


Launch the MintID app and follow prompts to SCAN NFC.


Place gold/silver product directly against the reverse of your device until NFC reader is detected and authentication result is displayed.

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Advanced Encryption Standard or AES has become the U.S. Government standard for protecting our nation’s most top-secret information since its adoption in 2002.


Each silver MintID round and bar is equipped with an AES-128 bit encrypted NFC microchip that authenticates each round with the scan of the MintID iOS or Android mobile app

The New Gold Standard

Every gold MintID product was purchased from an Authorized Mint Purchaser and encapsulated in card-style packages containing a unique AES-128-bit encrypted MintID NFC microchip. This unique feature enables the owner to confirm the authenticity of their gold purchase through a MintID iOS or Android mobile application.

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MintID Bullion: Now Available to Order

ModernCoinMart is proud to offer 1 oz. silver buffalo rounds and 10 troy oz silver buffalo bars displaying a striking depiction of a Buffalo on its obverse. The reverse houses the NFC Microchip technology for easy authentication scanning. Additionally, secure card-style packages containing the AES-128-bit encrypted MintID NFC microchip are available for 1 oz 2020 gold bullion coins including the Gold American Eagle, the Silver Kangaroo, the Silver Britannia, and the American Gold Buffalo.


A MintID round or bar is the perfect marriage of old and new as classic designs, meet the future in precious metals authentication technology. Select your choice of a gold or silver MintID product from ModernCoinMart while inventory is available.

All statements regarding the MintID product’s characteristics, efficacy, or fitness for a particular purpose were provided directly from MintID, and have not been independently verified by MCM.

2022 Australia Two-Ounce Silver Wedge-Tailed Eagle ERP PF70 UC FDI

• John Mercanti One-Year-Only Reverse Design

• Two Ounces of 99.99% Fine Silver

• Enhanced Reverse Proof Finish—First Time Ever in this Specification

• Struck in High-Relief

• $2 Australia Legal Tender

• Perfect Proof-70 Ultra Cameo (PF70 UC) Grade by NGC

• NGC-Certified First Day of Issue (FDI)

• Hand-Signed Label by Reverse Designer John Mercanti

• Only 2,000 Minted

• Limited Availability

These flawless 2022 Wedge-Tailed Eagle Proofs with an Enhanced Reverse Proof finish, prestigious First Day of Issue designations and hand-signed labels are only available from us (outside of Australia). Secure yours right this minute so you don’t miss out.

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