Your LAST CHANCE for Buried Treasure—Gold Coins from 1854-1862—Part of the Great Kentucky Hoard. DON’T MISS OUT!

This is your last chance to get part of an extraordinary hoard consisting of over 700 U.S. Vintage Gold Coins, Civil-War era, for your collection. Incredibly, the coins here were discovered, buried, on a farm in Kentucky, and they’re GOING FAST! 

These are the last of these spectacular coins and they are only available from our Scarce & Unique Division.

Every state has tales of lost or buried treasure and that’s especially true in Kentucky! One of the greatest finds occurred this year, 2023, unearthed on Kentucky farmland—a find so monumental that it has been hailed as the Great Kentucky Hoard—a cache of Civil War-era gold coins. The coins here are part of the second release of coins, and then that’s it. Gone! No more. The first release of coins sold incredibly quickly.

The Civil War, Brother Against Brother, and the State of Kentucky

Located at the crossroads between the North and the South, Kentucky was a border state during the Civil War and proved to be fertile ground for outlaws, bootleggers, and gangsters during those years. The Civil War was also a time of great apprehension, and many people hoarded their money, resulting in the disappearance of vast amounts of coinage from circulation. In Kentucky, those fears were even greater after the state government officially declared its neutrality, only to see a large contingent of Southern sympathizers form their own government and join the Confederacy.


The state’s dual governments and military forces caused many painful divisions within Kentucky families, with sons fighting on opposite sides during the war. It truly was a war that pitted brother against brother in Kentucky. According to historical records, about 100,000 Kentuckians served in the Union Army while as many as 40,000 fought for the Confederacy. 


When the Civil War broke out in early 1861, gold, silver and even copper coins vanished from circulation as people who were fearful of the war’s outcome stashed them away.

Watch the video to see and hear the reaction of the person who discovered the Great Kentucky Hoard.

Kentucky, the Lost Treasure State

Though not actually the state’s nickname—it’s the Bluegrass State—it’s a name that holds some truth because Kentucky is filled with long-whispered legends of ordinary people who buried their life savings and sunken riverboats laden with treasure that wash ashore even to this day. According to folklore, the famous frontiersman Daniel Boone buried a cache of coins for safekeeping somewhere near his homestead in Fayette County, Kentucky. Jesse James is thought to have buried $50,000 in gold coins near Russellville, Kentucky and he and his gang purportedly hid stolen loot in various locations across Kentucky. And Legend has it that during the Civil War, a wealthy Louisville businessman buried his fortune somewhere on his property to protect it from being confiscated. Murder, missing markers, and lost payrolls have all contributed to the lore of hunting for treasure in the Bluegrass State. 


The disappearance of those long-ago treasures was a loss for the people of those times—but a gain for today’s collectors when coins like those from the marvelous Great Kentucky Hoard are finally discovered!

 So, Where Did the Gold Coins in the Great Kentucky Hoard Originate?

Part of the allure of this particular treasure hoard is the mystery—the exact origin and circumstances surrounding the burial of the Great Kentucky Hoard remain unknown—yet its discovery is significant enough to change the numismatic landscape of Civil War era coinage! Was this a lost payroll for up to 75 Union soldiers? Is it possible that this hoard of gold coins was an insurance policy for someone who lived in Kentucky, who expected to come back at a later time to dig them up? Did he or she die—or forget where the coins were buried? Were any land markers like a tree or fence destroyed or removed, making it difficult to remember where the coins were buried? All of these are possible scenarios as to why these coins were left to be unearthed around 160 years later—but the likelihood is that the mystery of this cache of incredibly scarce gold coins will remain unsolved.

What do you do if you find a massive hoard of coins?

Call Jeff Garrett.

Jeff Garrett is a renowned figure in the field of numismatics and is widely recognized as one of the nation’s foremost experts in U.S. coinage. He is the founder of Mid-American Rare Coin Galleries, a prominent establishment in the industry. With an impressive career spanning over 45 years, Jeff has amassed extensive knowledge and expertise in numismatics.

Jeff Garrett’s expertise is highly sought after, and he is often referred to as the “experts’ expert” in the numismatic community. Many individuals and organizations, including major coin dealers, publishers, museums, and institutions, regularly seek his advice and guidance in matters related to coins.


“I am always excited when someone calls asking for advice about a rare coin discovery.  The opportunity to handle the “Great Kentucky Hoard” is one of the highlights of my career.  The importance of this discovery cannot be overstated.  The stunning number of over 700 gold dollars represents a virtual time capsule of Civil War era coinage, including coins from the elusive Dahlonega Mint. Finding one mint condition 1863 double eagle would be an important numismatic event.  Finding nearly a roll of superb examples is hard to comprehend.”


Jeff C. Garrett

Mid-American Rare Coin Galleries, Inc.
Senior Editor Redbook

Exactly What Types of Coins Are In this Release from the Great Kentucky Hoard?
What you have here are U.S. Gold Indian Dollars, Type II and Type III, dated 1854-1862. Each of the gold coins here features the Indian Princess wearing a headdress design on the reverse, and an agricultural wreath on the obverse. The Type II and Type III designations differentiate slight design variations.


Each Struck in 90% Gold
Each of the coins that are part of this Great Kentucky Hoard release are struck in 90% gold at the Philadelphia Mint. 


Remarkably High Grades and an NGC Pedigree
The coins were sent to the Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC) for certification and grading. Once the dirt was removed, the coins displayed eye-popping luster, grading in Extremely Fine to Mint State-65 (XF–MS65) condition. The XF coins likely circulated lightly in commerce before being buried, and some of the other grades could possibly have been picked up at a bank and never entered commerce. 


It takes a significant group of coins to earn a pedigree at NGC as pedigree labels are very seriously considered and must be merited.  But this hoard more than warrants the “Great Kentucky Hoard” pedigree.

The Great Kentucky Hoard is truly a remarkable find. And the dates and grades available are first come, first served. This is your LAST CHANCE chance to own one of these remarkable, historic, Civil War-era Gold coins—recovered from burial on farmland in Kentucky.  


Take a look for yourself to see why there’s a lot of excitement here, and why the first release of the Great Kentucky Hoard Coins disappeared so quickly!

1854-1862 $1 Gold Indian Coins from the Great Kentucky Hoard

Recovered in 2023 on a Farm in Kentucky

Struck in 90% Gold

Classic Designs 

Legal-Tender Coins

NGC-Certified and Graded

Great Kentucky Hoard Pedigree by NGC

Extremely Limited Availability

The buried treasure here, part of the Great Kentucky Hoard of gold coins, has never been offered before, and is coming to market now for the very first time. And they won’t last.


Exclusive, Very Limited Availability
This is an extremely limited opportunity to get one-of-a-kind, historic buried treasure gold! Just over 700 gold coins with the special Great Kentucky Hoard pedigree label exist. There is only one coin available for several of the dates/grades here. These gold coins are only available from and our Scarce & Unique Division.


This last chance very definitely calls for quick action. Don’t wait for our tiny supply of momentous, story-rich Great Kentucky Hoard coins to disappear, or you may very well kick yourself later. This opportunity will not come around again!

Secure yours right now, call 888-870-6342 

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