Complete Guide to Stacking Silver Rounds

Silver stacking and silver rounds have both recently grown in popularity. Let’s explore what stacking is and the best practices for stacking silver rounds.

Silver stacking and silver rounds have both recently grown in popularity. Let’s explore what stacking is and the best practices for stacking silver rounds.

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Stacking is the accumulation of bullion bars, coins, rounds, or other precious metals to grow a collection or make a long-term investment. As the name implies, silver stacking is the term used by silver bullion collectors, hobbyists, and investors. These silver stackers stockpile their silver bullion of diverse origins and values in an accessible and secure location.

In contrast to silver stacking—primarily geared toward having physical ownership over a financially feasible quantity of silver bullion—silver collectors have a greater interest in the history, mintage, and design of the precious metal itself. However, the modern overlap and availability of silver bullion and other numismatic items have allowed silver collectors to be silver stackers and vice versa.

A silver round is a privately minted piece of non-legal tender that is, at first glance, visually similar to silver bullion coins. Yet when it comes to silver rounds vs. coins, a sovereign government actually mints silver coins as legal tender with a monetary face value.

Although silver rounds lack a denomination and government backing, they often contain the same or similar precious metal contents as legal tender coins, and their premiums are traditionally lower than silver coins—lowering the barriers of entry into silver stacking for newcomers.

Current silver prices have motivated some collectors to stack silver rounds as a method of diversifying their investment portfolio. Collectors have historically invested in silver rounds and other precious metals while their value drops (i.e., stacking more of an item at a lower cost per ounce).

How can a new or experienced silver stacker add silver rounds to their collection? For beginners, it’s important to start small and make informed purchases before stockpiling large quantities of silver rounds into your stack. Now, let’s review the four steps for stacking silver rounds in 2023:

Stacking your silver rounds in the modern day means finding reputable private mints and online dealers with demonstrated expertise in customer service and numismatics. While browsing for your next silver round, investigate the manufacturer’s website and business history—any doubt from this research is enough to disqualify an item from your wishlist. Purchasing from reputable dealers with an A BBB rating and a multitude of positive reviews —such as ModernCoinMart—should help to protect your stack from fraud or uncertainty.

Since the content, purity, and weight of a silver round will determine the investment or actual value of the item, keeping in mind other factors like premiums and sometimes limited mintages, you must ensure the accuracy of any inscriptions on the round or any Certificate of Authenticities  provided by the private manufacturer compared to the details listed on an online dealer’s page. While silver rounds are not backed by the full faith and credit of a sovereign government, they are directly linked to the reputation of private mints that should be ensuring the accuracy of the products they produce.

For silver round stackers, physical ownership and stack security are of the utmost importance. Some stackers and collectors prefer to keep their precious metals in their homes. However, this is a risky option in the case of flooding, theft, or other alterations to a bullion collection. Preferably, collectors can store their stacks within a bank vault or other private storage facility.

In this final step, we simply hope to remind you that stackers, collectors, and investors alike all see stacking as a long-term game—whether it’s for a personal collection or in hopes of achieving financial goals through investment in silver rounds. Staying within your risk tolerance and available budget will help you to make wise purchase decisions while searching for silver rounds.

In the pursuit of stacking silver rounds, both new and veteran stackers make mistakes. Take a look at some of the common stacking errors:

  • Not understanding the main differences between rounds and coins
  • Purchasing fraudulent silver rounds from third-party sellers
  • Investing over the allotted budget solely into silver rounds
  • Choosing to re-sell silver rounds while silver prices remain low
  • Failing to diversify a collection when financial goals are attached to the bullion

Now that you have a better understanding of silver rounds and how to stack them, you can go on to choose where you make your purchases (i.e., Step #1). Since there are far more private manufacturers of silver rounds than there are sovereign mints, you must find a trusted dealer that can show you products from around the world in one streamlined catalog.

ModernCoinMart (MCM) is here to help you find your next, or first, silver round! As an accredited business and authorized dealer with 18 years of experience, we are proud to be the go-to online service for investing in silver rounds, coins, bars, and more. Want to learn more about us? Come and read what our customers have to say, and start stacking silver rounds today!

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