Fifth and Final Release of Big 5 Series II from the South Africa Mint—the African Buffalo

Pure Gold, Fine Platinum and a Special Gold Krugerrand Too!

You’re probably familiar with the South African Mint, one of the most renowned mints in the world, established in 1892. That’s the mint that effectively caused a numismatic earthquake with the introduction of the world’s first-ever modern gold bullion coin in 1967, the Krugerrand. 


But the Krugerrand is not the only home run series for the South Africa Mint.


Natura and Big 5 Series from the South African Mint 
The Natura Series, introduced in 1994, gave the mint another big win in the eyes of collectors, one that has garnered numerous prestigious awards over the years. Depicting Africa’s big five most renowned animals—the Elephant, Lion, Rhino, Spotted Leopard and African Buffalo—this series struck in gold proved to be extremely popular. Then, in 1996, the Mint released the first Natura Series coins minted in silver—another event that made the collecting community sit up and take notice.


Capturing lightning in a bottle once again, in 2019, following years of demand from collectors, the mint brought back South Africa’s most famous collection of wildlife in a new series they called “The Big 5”, each struck in one ounce of fine silver. The response from collectors was again overwhelming and immediate—each coin sold out at the mint. 


Then came Big 5 Series II, once more featuring the world’s most iconic African wild animals. Which brings us to this fifth and final release in the series—the African Buffalo!

The Majestic African Buffalo
African Buffaloes embody the untamed and wild nature of the African wilderness, with their commanding presence, and their ability to survive in challenging environments while fending off predators. They’re large animals—males weigh up to 3,300 pounds and stand around 5.5 feet tall at the shoulder, with a large head with impressive, curved horns used for defense, that can span up to 4.9 feet. African Buffaloes have been an integral part of African cultures, traditions, and myths for centuries, and are often associated with stories of strength, resilience, and the wild spirit of Africa. 


A Design that Captures the Grandeur of the African Buffalo
The bold obverse design on these coins features the highly detailed image of a powerful male Buffalo’s head. The reverse features an ingenious design that showcases a bisected image of the animal’s face, from a front-on angle. When two coins are placed next to each other, the image of the impressive creature looks complete.


Available in High-Purity Gold and Fine Platinum
These Big 5 Series II African Buffalo Coins are struck with an exquisite proof finish in one ounce of high-purity 99.99% pure gold (50 Rand South Africa legal tender) or one ounce of 99.95% of fine platinum (20 Rand South Africa legal tender). You can also secure both coins as part of a 2-Pc. Set. 


Plus, also available here is… 

…a One-Ounce Gold Krugerrand with a Big Five Series II Buffalo Privy Mark 
You can also secure a 2023 one-ounce Gold Krugerrand Proof with a Buffalo Privy Mark, struck in one ounce of 91.67% 22-karat gold (1 GKR South Africa legal tender). With a ridiculously low mintage of only 100 units, this special Big 5 Series II Buffalo Privy Mark Gold Krugerrand has one of the lowest mintages of Gold Krugerrand Proofs ever issued by the South African Mint.


Certified Flawless Proof-70 with a First Day of Issue Pedigree by NGC
Proofs and coins are graded on a 70-point scale, with a grade of 70 representing absolute perfection, even under magnification. There is no higher grade. These proofs have been certified as perfect Proof-70 (PF70) by Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC), one of the top coin-grading services in the world. The platinum proofs also carry an Ultra Cameo (UC) designation—given to coins that possess an intense frosted finish on both sides, with highly polished fields accenting the raised elements. 


Not only that, all the Proofs offered here have been certified by NGC as First Day of Issue (FDI), a designation given to coins and proofs that are received by NGC within 24 hours of their official mint release. First Day of Issue proofs are sought-after because they are fresh and sharp, and because there are so few of them compared to the overall population. 


These are not only the best of the best, they’re also the first of the best.

Exclusive Hand-Signed Signature Labels
What’s more, each of these perfect, flawless coins comes sonically sealed with an exclusive label featuring a hand-signed signature from the Director of the South African Mint, Honey Mamabolo.


Extremely Limited Release
If you haven’t already grabbed the phone to secure your 2023 Gold and Platinum Big 5 Series II African Buffalo proofs, now is the time to do so! Only 500 platinum proofs and only 600 gold proofs were minted. And fewer of each of those mintages have been certified as flawless PF70 condition, with a First Day of Issue designation and hand-signed labels. Additionally, Big 5 Series II Buffalo Coins with FDI designations and hand-signed labels are only available from our Scarce & Unique Division.


What that all means is simply this: act fast, so you don’t end up empty-handed.

2023 One-Ounce Gold Big 5 Series II Buffalo Proof PF70 FDI Mamabolo

• Fifth and Final Big 5 Series II Release

• One Ounce of 99.99% Pure Gold

• 50 Rand South Africa Legal Tender

• Innovative Designs

• Certified by NGC as Proof-70 (PF70) 

• Certified by NGC as First Day of Issue (FDI) 

• Exclusive Label Hand-Signed by Honey Mamabolo

• Only 600 Authorized Worldwide

2023 One-Ounce Platinum Big 5 Series II Buffalo Proof PF70 UC FDI Mamabolo

• Fifth and Final Big 5 Series II Release

• One Ounce of 99.95% Fine Platinum

• 20 Rand South Africa Legal Tender

• Innovative Designs

• Certified by NGC as Proof-70 Ultra Cameo (PF70 UC) 

• Certified by NGC as First Day of Issue (FDI) 

• Exclusive Label Hand-Signed by Honey Mamabolo

• Only 500 Authorized Worldwide

2023 South Africa One-Ounce Gold Krugerrand with Big 5 Series II Buffalo Privy Mark Proof PF70 FDI Mamabolo

• Special Krugerrand Big 5 Series II Release

• One Ounce of 91.67% 22-Karat Gold

• 1 GKR South Africa Legal Tender

• NGC-Certified as Proof-70 (PF70) 

• NGC-Certified as First Day of Issue (FDI) 

• Exclusive Label Hand-Signed by Honey Mamabolo

• Only 100 Authorized Worldwide

Don’t miss out! These spectacular Gold and Platinum Big 5 Series II African Buffalo Proofs—and this 2023 Gold Krugerrand with a special Buffalo Privy—in flawless PF70 condition with an FDI designation and a hand-signed label are sure to disappear quickly. Secure yours immediately before they’re gone forever! 

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