Are there any coins made out of rhodium?

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Yes, there are indeed coins made out of rhodium, but they are relatively uncommon. One such example is the 2020 Black Proof Incuse Silver Maple Leaf coin issued by the Royal Canadian Mint, which has a thin layer of rhodium applied to the coin’s surface. This gives the coin a distinctive black color and makes it highly sought after by collectors. Rhodium coins or rhodium-plated coins are typically produced in limited editions, making them attractive to collectors and investors alike.

However, it’s essential to understand that the minting of rhodium coins is not as common as other precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum. The rarity of rhodium coins can be attributed to the high price of rhodium itself, which often surpasses that of other precious metals, as well as the popularity and demand for coins made from other metals. Moreover, the process of minting coins with rhodium is more complex, which adds to the cost. While rhodium bullion bars are more common than rhodium coins, buyers and collectors may have an easier time finding rhodium-plated coins. Even so, these are not as common as their gold, silver, or platinum counterparts.

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