Furious Grizzly in Spellbinding Ultra-High Relief by Emily Damstra

New Series from the Royal Canadian Mint: Great Hunters! 


The Apex Predator in North America Is…
Humans? No! On land, the apex predator in North America is universally considered to be the grizzly bear, recognized for its position at the top of the food chain, and for its ability to dominate—a conviction especially held by anyone who has ever stood face to face with a grizzly in the wild! 

That’s the very scene that’s been captured on this first release of a new series from the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM), Great Hunters: Grizzly.

Magnificent—and Mammoth—Grizzly Bears
The Canadian Grizzly Bear is an impressive, frightful, majestic, spine-chilling and noble creature that First Nations and Native Americans described as a “mysterious monster”—that can weigh over 1,320 lbs., and can stand over eight feet tall. With their large size, shaggy fur, and powerful presence, Grizzlies struck fear in the hearts of explorers and mountain men who knew that if they stumbled onto one of the ferocious creatures, they would have only a few precious moments to save their lives. Fleeing wasn’t a good option because Grizzlies are extremely agile and can run at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour, becoming more infuriated, and more dangerous, as they go. Plus, since Grizzlies are excellent swimmers, escaping into a stream or river would often prove unsuccessful. Grizzlies have been known to attack humans without provocation, particularly mother bears with cubs nearby.

In short, the Grizzly commands admiration from afar—and the reality is that this breathtaking, intricately-detailed proof coin may be as close as you want to get to a grizzly bear in real life.

Established in the early 17th century, the East India Company was originally formed to facilitate British trade, eventually gaining control over vast territories, and acting as an agent of British imperialism. Today, the company is a private enterprise headquartered in London, focused on luxury goods, including silverware and gold and silver coins. The Boston Tea Party was a turning point, escalating tensions and sending a ripple effect across the Colonies, intensifying resistance towards British rule—eventually leading to the American Revolution and freedom from British rule for the first 13 American Colonies. 

Extraordinary Design!
From the mind and hands of Emily S. Damstra, the artist who recently created the reverse design for the Type 2 American Silver Eagle, the reverse of these coins is spectacular! The perspective of the design, enhanced by a highly detailed, Ultra-High Relief (UHR) sculpt, depicts an infuriated Grizzly snarling down at the viewer—who is likely not only second-guessing the decision to enter the Grizzly’s home turf, but also perhaps contemplating an excruciating end. Emily S. Damstra’s highly detailed UHR design does this intimidating beast justice. 


The obverse features the RCM’s exclusive effigy of the late Queen Elizabeth II, designed by Susanna Blunt. The transitional version of the classic effigy, it includes the first and last dates of Her Majesty’s reign. In addition, a charming field pattern of tiny maple leaves radiates out from the center. 

Struck in Pure Gold and Silver
These Grizzly Proofs are available struck in one-ounce of high-purity 99.99% gold ($200 Canada legal tender), and one-ounce of high-purity 99.99% silver ($20 Canada legal tender). Or you can secure both in a 2-Pc. Set. 

Enhanced by a Gorgeous Proof Finish
Proof coins are created specifically for collectors. They are struck multiple times to ensure sharp, detailed designs using specially prepared dies, which result in brilliant, mirrored fields and stark, frosted devices.

Once completed, Ms. Damstra’s design was transitioned from its digital format to hardened steel dies using RCM’s state of the art die cutting techniques, intended to precisely preserve the detail and dimensions of the original model. In order to achieve the intended level of UHR, planchets were struck numerous times under tremendous—yet precise—pressure. The result? A stunning, UHR design of a grizzly that’s like nothing seen before.


While still referring to the finish simply as “proof”, the RCM also takes things a bit further with small finish enhancements. Typically seen in the format of a semi-frosted finish that falls somewhere between the mirrored fields and frosted devices, the mint applies these enhancements selectively on small details of the design to add contrast and improve the overall look.

Collectors Want the Best Quality
For any collectible coin or proof, collectors want the best of the best, the finest quality available. With coins and proofs, quality is measured by grades on a 70-point scale. A grade of 70 represents absolute perfection, with no post-production imperfections visible even when viewed by trained Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC) graders under 5x magnification. There is nothing higher—and that’s what you have here!


Perfect Proof-70 (PF70) Grades, with Coveted Designations
Each of these 2023 Grizzly Proofs available is certified in flawless Proof-70 (PF70) condition by NGC, one of the leading coin-grading services in the world. In addition to being flawless, these coins have been NGC-certified as First Day of Production (FDP), meaning they have been shown to have been struck on the first day the mint began production; or First Day of Issue (FDI), meaning they were struck on or before the official release date. FDI and FDP proofs are sought-after because they are fresh and sharp, and because there are so few of them compared to the overall population.

These Grizzly Proofs are not only the best of the best, they’re also the first of the best!

Just take a look to see why these magnificent coins will be a centerpiece of your collection!

2023 Canada One-Ounce Gold Great Hunters Grizzly Proof UHR PF70 FDI or FDP

• One Ounce of High-Purity 99.99 Gold
• Detailed Emily S. Damstra Reverse Design
• $200 Canada Legal Tender
• Proof Finish
• Graded Flawless PF70 by NGC
• NGC-Certified as First Day of Issue or First Day of Production
• RCM Art Card Hand-Signed by Emily S. Damstra
• Individual Numbered Mint Certificate of Authenticity
• Product Story Card 
• Black Wooden Display Case with Red Maple Logo
• Limited Availability

2023 Canada One-Ounce Silver Great Hunters Grizzly Proof UHR PF70 FDI or FDP

• One Ounce of High-Purity 99.99 Silver
• Detailed Emily S. Damstra Reverse Design
• $20 Canada Legal Tender
• Proof Finish
• Graded Flawless PF70 by NGC
• NGC-Certified as First Day of Issue or First Day of Production
• RCM Art Card Hand-Signed by Emily S. Damstra
• Individual Numbered Mint Certificate of Authenticity
• Product Story Card 
• Black Velvet Pouch with Red Maple Logo
• Limited Availability

Exclusive, with Exclusive Grizzly Labels
AMS is the exclusive distributor of these 2023 Ultra-High Relief Great Hunters Grizzly Proofs are distributed in the U.S. and Asia. The coins offered by our Scarce & Unique Division will be slabbed by NGC with an exclusive, all new Grizzly-themed label, and includes their individually numbered Mint Certificate of Authenticity an informational story card, and an art card created by the Mint and hand-signed by the artist, Emily S. Damstra.

Just imagine how good these spectacular proofs will look as part of your collection! But…availability is limited, so act now to secure your perfect 2023 Gold and Silver Canada Great Hunters Grizzly Proofs, or your 2-Pc. Proof Set, in perfect condition, with sought-after FDI or FDP designations, and with a mint art card hand-signed by the artist. Don’t miss out.

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